Bune and Haures

I did my first Evocation to Bune last week and I have seen the start of things which I requested, manifesting. I am forming a bond with Bune (whom I see as a woman in Green) and I certainly felt her presence and continue to feel it. I speak to her daily, and yesterday I asked if she could help me with Will Power. I didn’t hear an immediate answer, so I waited…

Last night I dreamed I was walking through an old town. It was dark and I heard a growl in the shadows. As I looked into the darkness, I saw a leopard emerge from the shadows. I felt terrified as I approached him. He looked at me with red eyes, then turned and walked away. As he did, he morphed into human form. I woke up feeling it was a ‘significant’ dream.

I searched this morning for ‘Ancient God man/leopard’ and found Grand General Haures. The description says ‘he suffereth the conjuror not to be tempted’. I was absolutely blown away. I feel Bune has pointed me to Haures in order to help me. I felt I had to share.

Thank you Duchess Bune !