Building an astral temple


The other day I was talking to my occult teacher and he recommended I restructure where I have the objects in my room that have spirits attached to them. He also said I should build an astral temple where I usually project to by default.

Usually I astrally project to some weird astral double of my room where it’s like my room with a bunch of random differences. Anyway today I projected out and came to the usual weird double of my room. Slo I tried to will it into a another form, a cool looking temple. But just doing this didn’t seem to work. I looked for one of the stones in my room that has a spirit in it, but it wasn’t there in the double. I also picked up the astral doubles of two other spirit objects, for some reason they seemed to be magnetically attracted to each other, after they touched I forget what happened.

But anyway next I picked up some random object and tried to reform it into a pillar but this seemed harder then I thought so I just turned it into sun wu kongs nyoi bo staff for some reason. Anyway I decided to go look for one of the entities I have a contract with so I made a jump intending to go to his kingdom which resides somewhere between the astral and mental planes. But I mustve overshot it somehow because I went al the way to the mental plane. I’ve only made trips to the mental plane a couple times, usually my mind interprets it as a vast sky I fly through filled with energetic clouds and now was no different. But something different happened this time. I saw vivid colorful structures passing me that looked almost like holograms of molecular structures. I don’t know how or why these were here though. After seeing these I droped back down to the astral ending up in what seemed to be a stone tomb. I swung the staff I made earlier obliterating the tomb. As I exited I looked out onto the sea. I then got another idea to make my astral temple and tried to make it rise up out of the water. I was able to make an astral island appear but nothing as distinct as a temple. After that the projection ended.

Has anyone made an astral temple? If so how did you do it?


What a joy to read this article. I am also in training of astral travel and projections of sorts.

I have had the same experience with the parallel room where I carry out my ritual work being the double. I usually start by finding myself able to perceive while asleep in my bed (which is in another room). Overjoyed by the knowing that I am in a conscious state I slip out from my body, which feels like discarding a shell or some heavy coat.

After bouncing about in levitation in my sleeping room I then proceed to my room of ritual work. I found it the first time fascinating; the parallelism of the room.

There were floating lite candles. My vanity was surrounded by protruding minerals; amethyst and jade/emerald is what I recall. The scene reminded me of harry potter where the books rearranged themselves in shelves (shelves which I actually had in the room).

But the most interesting for me was interacting with my crystal ball. I remember extending a beckoning finger to the ball which rested upon some strange entwined stand and the ball levitating and coming over. The ball itself is a cherry quartz (kind of a mutt lol) though in the projection it appear clear, almost transparent. I recall a sort of telekinetic exercise using the ball; orbiting it around myself. Very fun experience and the most vivid.

All in all I did record the entry in my astral diary. Writing down in detail your astral experience is a great way to solidify it within your subconscious. Think back to the three little pigs, you know one’s house was made of straw, the other of sticks, and the other of brick. Visually you can recall all three scenarios and what they look like. The same can be done with an astral temple. I suggest writing out in detail what you envision in an astral temple, is it outside, inside, windows, etc. Include your tools. Is your altar a certain color, is your wand position in a certain way, get descriptive.

Save it in a word document and then whenever you practice meditating for astral work bring up your written description. Read it aloud to yourself, then silently. Visualize the detail of your work as you go. And then rest, I don’t suggest thinking about it all night as you lie in bed, it never seems to work that way, at least in my experience.

But I can say since I wrote the detail of my astral projection that I wrote of above. Each time I astral project (which can be random or even unanticipated) that room is the exact same as is my diary. Later Included my wand and deck of tarot cards as well and even they have come up (randomly of course) my tarot deck seem splashed in midair frozen in place.

Oh yeah and about your tools. Does it resonate with your energy? Before astral working try charging your tools for that purpose command them to be ready in your temple as you proceed with your meditation. I read in another article on the site about faking it till you make it…I wouldn’t necessarily call it faking but you sure as hell got to role-play and believe your work, and that is in all aspects of magic.

So give it a try and good luck!!