Building a relationship with a spirit before evocation?

I would like to ask more experienced magicians about preparation for a ritual of evocation. I have more of a nature based approach to working with spirits. In witchcraft we generaly first try to build a relationship with a spirit before we try to negotiate with it. My impression is that magicians on this forum mostly go for a more direct approach. I don’t know if that is the case.
I ask this question because I would like to start to work with Bune and Clauneck, but I don’t have any connection with them. I worked with King Paimon in the past, but he himself approached me first. At least, that was my feeling so the communication went fairly easy.
Do you guys just go ahead and do an evocation or do you first learn more about the spirit and maybe wait that the spirit makes itself known to you? I am very curious and I always learn something new from you guys. Your opinions and experiences are much appreciated. Thank you!

I’ve done both, and they both work very well. From my own experience most spirits are more then happy to do something for me without any kind of negotiating first because that’s just what they do. If your planning on working with Bune and Clauneck for a long time its probably better to go about that the way you already know how to with other spirits just to get a little better feel for what they are really like. For example Bune is a lot more deeper into necromancy then i first thought. I’ve used her in the past for getting money and two weeks ago she shows up without me calling her and says “i want to teach you that and you must learn it from me” and i’m like oh ok why not. Clauneck was never very talkative to me, seens more like he wanted to just get the job done and go back to wherever. And most ceremonial magicians seen to want to go out of their way to make everything they do much more complicated then it needs to be. If you already know how to get in touch with spirits then you can use whatever method that’s been working for you and you should not have any issues with Bune and Clauneck.

Im noticing that myself in my own practice. Long formal rituals do not ‘feel’ right to do anymore with anyone Ive had contact with. Maybe as a first time thing with a spirit?

But I feel that basically all I need, is a tea light, and some quiet. Statue/sigil and incense is nice too though.

I’d say yes definitely. And the more you work with the same spirits you will begin to see that you don’t even need to use those, It becomes so natural that you will know when that spirit is around you and when it have something to say. I don’t knock formal rituals i do them from time to time, in fact in a few more weeks i’m going to start working heavily with one of the big darker names of the spirit world and the first couple of rituals will be a lot more formal than i normally do them and that is really all me, first impressions and all. But really i don’t think most spirits care one way or the other about any of that, as long as your trying to make contact is all that really matters to them.

You build a relationship for better communication, results and just anything else, because it grants an energetic exchange. If you just simply evoked naturally it would be far better if you had the connection. Had alot of contact with spirits since I was born and so had always existed in a natural symbiotic state of communication (before my time of greater connections). Make your decision based off both short and long term goals and practicallity.

Thanks, guys! This was really helpful. I made a decision to stick with what I know and what already works best for me. Like BB44 said, I also had the best results with just a tealight and a burning desire in my heart. And I just don’t feel that with Bune and Clauneck. That’s why I can’t make connection with them. I made a mistake to flip through a grimoire like it’s a catalogue and choose a spirit that could deliver the goods. But it just doesn’t work like that, at least not for me. I will call on my familiars and go from there. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

Don’t over complicate things.

A candle
A quiet and focused mind

Incense (optional) only needed if trying to evoke the spirit to full visual manifestation or if burning it as an offering. That’s all I have ever used during evocation because my intuition told me it was all that was necessary. You can even use your fingers in place of an athame to draw an energy circle around your altar but truth be told, most of the time, I never use circle at all, no need to. If you approach every spirit with a mutual respect and a neutral attitude (not too fearful but not too controlling) they will not try and harm you.

And no, most demons do not mind you asking for favors the first time you call them. I do it all the time.

If you do not feel any Resonance with those two entities then you only owe it to build a relationship. Those two entities reflect a number of things a specific energy or resonance associated with wealth. So your relationship with them will also reflect how hiu associate with Wealth. Study and do Research on Wealth entities not just for what they can give you but also how you connect and relate to the world. This goes for everything else.

I think Biosynth is making a good point there, there have been spirits I wasn’t comfortable working with due to my own subconscious feelings (and conscious value judgements) about the areas they represented, so this could be a chance at growth for you, as those were (and continue to be) for me?

In general I’d always say ask your guides though, the spirits who’ve already come through for you, even if there is some undesirable limitation going on here, they may be able to help you move beyond your comfort zone in a harmonious way.

I should have added i’ve never work with Bune and Clauneck at the sametime for money as they are very different from each other to me. Bune is very talkative and somewhat specific how things are going to come about. Clauneck is the exact opposite to that. He’s like “you call me for money? That’s great, but how much you get and where and when is up to me. Now dismiss me so i can get the hell out of here and go do it”. Now i can’t say what they are like to others, but to me they are night and day about how they are and how they go about doing things. So the trouble might be they are willing to work with you but not each other. Sorry for not posting that before but i did not think of it til today and wanted to look through my journals just to make sure i never called them together for one working. So you may just want to pick one and work with it alone and see how it goes.

Bune being a demon with power and control, my advice would be to make your ritual simple, clean and to the point, the less for him to work with. Also the conversation should be firm, respectful but strickt, let him know with no uncertainty you are in charge. As a duke and minor ruler he is used to respect and obedience, but will that’s his key as well, show him respect and he will help,you out. Noting for nothing tho, make sure to have a offering first for him and his station.

Clauneck is a different matter, he is a tracker, a seeker, a scavenger, not saying dog like but not as mentaly willful as Bune. He has a tendency to be tricky as to were his findings come from or for what price, so state it clear and think it through.

Your demons were 2 of my first 3. Vassago was first. I opened all sigils before any evocations. Doing that let me feel them first and then came a sort of psychic auditory communication never felt a bad vibe. And they delivered knowledge and cash thru a new business venture that was vast! Like 10’s of thousands and grew thru 2 years it was insane all this from opening a sigil not evocating. Ones I evocated I just dove straight in and evoked due to loss of fear. Sigil magic will open your senses it helps to feel the demons energy it might take u several times but you’ll feel em roll in eventually like a storm comes in your room electricity in the air and wind with no windows open rooms darkening, and dogs in said rooms trying to get the fuck out lol

Thank you for sharing your experience, Asmoday. I opened the sigil for the Archangel Jophiel as I felt an instant connection to him, don’t know why, but it just so happened. I already got a few thousands of euros in a matter of 2 days. I will continue working with him. But, you just made me interested again in Bune and Clauneck. It got to be a reason for it, I just might check them out :slight_smile:
Charun, thanks for describing the demons and their nature. I didn’t know these things about them.

[quote=“Lilith, post:13, topic:7343”]Thank you for sharing your experience, Asmoday. I opened the sigil for the Archangel Iophiel as I felt an instant connection to him, don’t know why, but it just so happened. I already got a few thousands of euros in a matter of 2 days. I will continue working with him. But, you just made me interested again in Bune and Clauneck. It got to be a reason for it, I just might check them out :slight_smile:
Charun, thanks for describing the demons and their nature. I didn’t know these things about them.[/quote]

Yep the combo of bune and claunec for cash was phenomenal I fucked it up with my addictions but I def made over 125 K. And loved what I was doing. And really liked the feel of those two demons they’re speed was another thing that surprised me this was all in the very beginning of my magical endeavours too.

Byosinth and Lady Eva both got an amazing intuition. That’s just it: I was trying to avoid possible uncomfortable situations. As I am trying to rebuild my life after depression and illness (it was all part of my initiation), as I went to hell and back (pun intended), I wanted something that would be easy and smooth. I had enough of spirits teaching me lessons, to be honest. That has been my life for the past 3 years. Now I’m working with an angelic being, Jophiel, and it seemed easy, but here we go again… just learned another lesson today, again… *sigh

Wow, that’s amazing, Asmoday! That’s quite a lot of cash :slight_smile:

The ways things fell into place were just to much for coincidence like almost impossible I could tell the stars had aligned perfectly it was great so much thanks u two lol