Buer vs Marbas

Which of this two demons do you guys think is betters at healing a chronic muscular joint disorder like TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder ) which causes tinnitus (ringing in the ears), headaches, neck and face pain on a regular basis. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.


i would say both.just choose the demon that you feel drawn on him


Thanks for your suggestion. I feel very drawn to Buer so I will focus on him to fix this issue.


Hey Buer for healing definitely!!,he works really fast too…, I did a ritual for him and I got better within hours…! Quick recovery


The archangel Raphael is extremely powerful for all manner of healing

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Awesome to know. Could you please share what method did you use to evoke him and how did you describe your health issue to him?

I´ve been told is best to first affirm your intention to a demon in present tense as if what you want has already happened or is part of your present reality, was this true in your case?

Yes, I’ve read great things about his healing powers. Do you have a ritual you can recommend to communicate with him effectively?

Whichever is closer to your zodiac or you feel most drawn to. Personally i would say Buer as i believe his month is coming up

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You evoke him using his sigil… and you describe to him about your healing as if it had already happened…if you can read it from Demons of magick that’s where I found the ritual

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Yes I´ve read he is a Sagittarius, I definitely identify with him a lot.

Awesome, I bought the book a few months back and this week I finally did my first two rituals.

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I have used Archangels of magic with great success

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You’ve done the 11 day ritual? You requested help in a present tense not future. In other words, did you say “I am sick, heal me” or “I am in perfect health”


Just keep it plain and simple people :wink:
Name the problem /ask for help / express gratitude


You are talking about the ritual in demons of magic. In archangels of magic you don’t have to say anything but the divine names. The ritual is emotional transmutation which is very effective