Buer Evocation (my First)

So I just got done evoking the spirit known as Buer for some help with healing an ailment. Now with my experience i felt as though i could see a ball of light with similar features to what the picture represents Buer as. What i didn’t really get was communication i stated my request and felt the rapture state with the room become cloudy and the pressure of Buers presence. But i didn’t hear him besides when he/she first appeared and i felt as though in my subconscious he/she spoke. “It will be done my child.” before i could even speak my request, although it was written on paper in front of me. Is this a botched evocation did i make some sort of mistake? Or was this a success? I guess only time will tell.
Please let me know any opinions.


Well E.A talked about an ancient culture that never depicted spirits but represented them with cubes of black stone and they never saw these spirits but felt them, it was enough for them to continue working with them and worshipping them. If you feel them they are there my friend I’ve only called one entity into physical form and it was honestly horrifying so maybe he is not wanting to ruin the state of mind you are in by showing a representation of himself.


Yeah that does make a lot of sense. But as for the voice i depicted as Buer, do you think that may have been me or Buer for a brief moment letting me know He/She was there?

You are fine. Not botched.

Key is to not let arrogance and delusion cloud the process. What you did was perfect. Your techniques will evolve … or not … as you keep on practicing.

Keep tuning yourself to become a great receiver and refine your capacity to distinguish between imagination and reality.

When your gut tells you an entity is talking, then best listen.

Nice work.


Thanks, the feeling was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I know for sure now that this is something I’m going to continue practicing and doing.


I’ve experienced that same question to myself as well; even if it was you saying “it will be done my child” then your commanding him, he was there and he heard that and almost instinctively you kinda overpowered him and had that confidence to command a entity like even if it wasn’t him you had the true will of a black magician. He will respect that and I respect that right away and many people here will too.

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Thanks, honestly I’m loving this community. Ill continue to update my experiences and successes along the way.