Buddhist Yidam Practice, anyone try it?

I’m just looking for info on the Vajrayana Yidam practices as well as the Phurba practice. These are said to be deities that can help you heal from certain issues and overcome obstacles through mantra, visualization, meditation, and prayer.

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Doesn’t all kind of magick, entities does that, what’s the difference, uniqueness here. It’s like going to a bank and getting currencies of different country and then going to start bucks to buy the same coffee.

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Why just why do people of one faith or claim to be of one keep looking at other faiths as a means to and end? What is the point? I mean, I know it is a magick thing I guess but shouldn’t you be loyal to one faith not twenty or whatever it is… ? I’ve crossed that line too and regret it as it confuses me a lot. I need something constant to keep with, not be bopping around always shifting with the wind. I’m so tired of that. Do as you will, but I am beginning to get real tired of this for my own self. Variety is the spice of life for some but I’ve had my fill.

I’ll heal myself, good luck with the new deities.

you might already know about this but http://www.tsemrinpoche.com/
this is a source i like when looking at Buddhist stuff :slight_smile: