Buddhist statues /hidden temple

Hi guys … few months ago I stumbled upon a Buddhist temple. It was to say the least… bad ass … it was huge, the pics don’t do it justice. The whole place was hidden in a rural area under brush. I made sure to leave a small offering and thanked the spirits for letting me be there. Just wanted to know if anyone is familiar with these statues? Enjoy! Like i said it was like something from a dream the pics don’t do it justice



okay have to ask, none of them appeared hollow did they?
Some Budda statues have dead monks inside.

I still love these, their awesome! i’d be so excited to stumble on something like that :slight_smile:

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The first one is of the buddha’s last moment, the moment of para nirvana. The last two seems to be of some Chinese dude. May be related to Daoism or confucianism.


@Gitana7 I’m so jealous of you for finding this. If you want I could ask my friend Lord Josh about the statues, he’s a Daoist sorcerer.


I know I wish it was close to me but I was out of state when I found it! Definitely a great find :slight_smile:

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