Brothers and Sisters of the LHP

Brothers and Sisters.

I need your help.

I need help with some baneful magic. some advice.

I sacrificed my dreams, my hopes for someone. they took all from me and continually took and almost my life. (seriously)

I need revenge. i ask for your help and guidence especially from those who love to destroy.

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Andras or Glasya-labolas come to mind, maybe Abaddon

see im confused with Abaddon atm.

I was ‘told’ he was around me by a practitioner. but I don’t know if he is destroying my life to rebuild me or if he is here to help me.

but the practitioner telling me is the only sign I see


Well, sounds like both would be helping you. Try evoking and ask. I kept getting told by various folks they sensed Azazel around me, I had no interest in him, so I dismissed it.

Over the past few weeks, he kept popping up, synchronicity, to the point it was every day. I evoked him last night and seems he is here to help, I got a plan now.

Maybe Abaddon is or isn’t, but you may as well find out.

is love to lol. I’m still trying to open my senses to receive spirits

Depends on the severity of negative energy and results.

Left hand magick is like a scale.
Do you want to inflict the same degree of loss to this person?
Do you want them to not only lose things but feel your pain and worse?
Do you want to have this person lose everything and the pain combined be too much for them to bear?

If so call on your friendly demon hotline at 1800-darkmagick.

No but in all seriousness. There are millions of demons you could choose each of them have their own severity of pain they can inflict depending on your desires

Stealing This

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I want their world to collapse. friends gone, money loss, everything that can go wrong to go wrong.
my life almost ended because of them and by life i mean death.

so.i want them to suffer whilst living

Scratch my suggestions then

@Micah . I sooo beat you to it lmao

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