Broken Tattoos

I had a tattoo placed on my leg as a protection symbol… WELL it broken.

So, I got sick and have been really dealing with a lot of crap!! In the mix of me fining my real self a blister appeared on my tattoo and not just in any place, it was the tip of my water mark that got destroyed. All I can hear is NO babe, NO… its not…

But it gets deeper than this,

I am a water sign. I can heal myself in water. I can meditate, I have a deep connection with WATER. But I also work well with the other elements as well.

So here is what happened to it.

The Silver is up top…

What are your thoughts…

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Its just one more weird thing going on in my chaotic world. The weird thing was and still is when I got the Tattoo it didn’t get very red, did not scab and looked like a fresh tattoo up till about 4 weeks ago.

Can you contact spirits? Evocation, scrying, soul travel - if you can, ask one you trust or at least who has authority, this:

  1. does the damage have any meaning, for example is it a warning?

  2. should you get the tattoo repaired once the blister heals?

  3. anything else they have to say on this specific topic?

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Yes, I can contacting them seems to be the easy part.

Without trying, this is what I hear…
From no direction - She thinks that protects her. and a laugh
And then when I do try to ask I get do you need that. And honestly, I am being shown that very thing. In life for me I have to do the struggle thing. Things go well for a time then the bottom drops. So, I added that symbol to my right leg. All my life I have been told the “devil” was after me and to be honest for a time, I did believe it. I mean they had me so freaked out that I couldn’t watch any type of possession movie or anything devilish… I was in panic WHY? Cause, I have had a hooded companion for years. Up till recently did he actually unveil himself.

so, sitting and thinking about getting it fixed. I hear no, create from it. Don’t repair the damage, build from it. Create something from it.

Then nothing. But like I said, I have not really sat down and said, LOOK, this is this and ask those questions its been like though then stuff come in from that though and then I have to filter it. And sometimes that can be difficult if I have more than one speaking at me. Or Who.

I am new at learning the truths about a darker aspect within myself. I dont want to say I am new at it cause it seems to be laid in brick around me and in me. I just have learned to not box that in and bury it.

In one though, I had was to bleed the elements - I know I thought WTF… and it is more like drops of the element coming out of the broken and then do that with the others. almost like a swirling thing inside the circle.

Sometimes though I think I have trouble deciphering what they are saying. I have one that is quite cryptic in speech. He never answers a question like I want it answered. Like, If I ask, Is the sky blue, he wont say yes or no but point at the sky…

I think you need to get your inner BOSS mindset on, and start commanding (respectfully, but firmly) that whatever you evoke replies truthfully, and in a manner you can understand. :thinking:

One sees this a lot with core shamanism, and also when people do open evocations, spirits will show up, be cryptic, and often criticise you for not knowing enbough, or for caring too much about a thing, then they fuck off and have done nothing but waste your time and leave you feeling like a child who can’t understand a thing.

It’s crappy behaviour and there’s no obligation to tolerate it, but it does require an unwavering attitude of no longer taking any bullshit! :+1:

And funny enough, only when you have that kind of respect on both sides through no longer taking any crap, can you start going down the rabbit-holes of surrendering control partially or completely for successful possession, etc., on a goal shared with a spirit.

I mean, all the above is IMO but I’m talking from 25+ years’ experience and having seen any manner of tricks and spirit fuckery. :wink:


Im not evoking, invoking or anything, they are just here. For a minute or two I thought I was going buggers. BUT, other people noticed him and would see him or feel him and ask, whos following you, whos that hooded man. Then I was like OH, I guess he is here. And his and her presence will be so think around me I will end up saying, COME on, now… Back up… I have woke in the night and seen him standing in my doorway. It used to be alarming but now I throw my hand up and say. Dude, Sleeping here… NOT playing right now. and sometimes he goes off but a lot he just lingers like he is watching over me or something. Anymore I find it of comfort but I can tell you its spooked me a few times. Startling I should say. She is just as bad in that instance. Her purpose has been more refined to me than his.

When I say cryptic it s Cryptic to me. At first this entity would point - I didn’t care for it cause when I ask a question, I normally want you to answer. In this case its more about me searching that answer instead of a demand. Like the question I used Is the sky blue, he points at the sky (I have been taking it as, open your eyes and look, dont ask me stupid stuff. And this. Why do you ask which you already know. Maybe I should take it as him being jerky - But, I honestly dont feel that he is being a jerk. I think he is more so demanding, I get head out of ass and think for myself. That seems to stir his energy up, when I do stupid shit. And its not an angry thing like I said dont. Its like now get up and try that again a different way. I do feel very safe with this entity - he has never brought me harm. In Fact he or another one has actually pushed me thru some really awkward stuff.

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He will pull some trickery with me but, I have found that to be in sport or to get my attention. I can normally tell, something has either happened, or is going to happen or someone is bothering me, hell be there somewhere if not he will send something in his place. Bread crumbs seem to come to mind…

He actually, speaks now - NOT full answers but I can pull meaning out of it. I may have to think about it or reach out and ask advice but generally, I end up coming to it. Might take me a few but I have that AH HA moment.

I have had spiritual activity all my life. In one form or another. And I was always kind of different from others. Like for instance, my friends would dream of demons being after them or Freddy going to get them. Its always been that kind of stuff in my dreams that helped me out of stuff. Then I tried church and then they had the fear of God in me but then, it didn’t add up. I didn’t fit in there either. So I found Paganism and I fit but its quite a bit more complex that that. I was always drawn to the darker aspects of anything. I can remember being a kid and watching this show, Wizards and Warriors and liking the bad guy, ya the good guy cute and all but, I was always drawn to the darker aspects… Like they always got the bad wrap. I have seen stuff that most people would most likely find horrific. As a child I was terrorized by something about 4 to 41/2 feet tall. Kids at school would joke about the boogie man and I had some. I even had a friend who was sensitive to that type of thing leave my house in horror because that thing scared the shit out of her. I have been attacked in my sleep. then you have people saying the devil is after you makes you wander. But in a sense, I knew the Devil wasn’t going to get me cause I found that that devil I was afraid of wasnt real…