Broken out of meditation during evocation

So while I was meditating having Anubis’ hieroglyphic name up. I was pretty calm having 3rd eye open and focused name on my mind having some music up to help me since, you can hear; wind chimes as well wind passing by.

After 9 minutes pass by I got interrupted by my home phone used as walkie talkie, my entire energy got thrown out. Turning pale, losing balance, bit of headache and feeling of dizziness. Has anyone felt that happened this was my second time feeling it.

Also want to make sure i was doing fine on the evocation as well, some tips would be nice been searching around forums for some tips. I don’t have much or even candles except for lavender.

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Yes, several years ago has doorbell done it to me


I have been interrupted many times like that, but it wasn’t my fault and spirits weren’t mad. But it is best to shut down any electronic device while performing rituals.
As for offerings you can use fruits, wine, water, flowers.