Broken crystal during tarot reading



So, last month I bought my first tarot deck. I feel extremely connected with it. And my readings have been really accurate.

I wanted to be even more in tune so I bought crystals and candles.

Anyways to jump to the chase. I was just doing a tarot reading earlier with the candles and crystals. And while asking a love related question, somehow my rose quartz fell. It broke almost perfectly in half.
The card I pulled right before it fell was the Chariot.

Was just wondering what you all might think of this.
And also has your crystals ever broke unexpectedly?

I was thinking of keeping one piece with me at all times and then just keep the other one with my other crystals

*so I just did another one asking if my rose quartz was meant to break. I pulled the Ace of Swords.

Just curious about anyone’s interpretation about all this


The Chariot is a usually beneficial card that shows a good outcome. It is also a card of inner transformation and different processes on the path - starting from Geburah to reach Binah (materialization of our actions).
If what happened with your crystal isn’t just a coincidence, the first thing I would think about that maybe you should look inside yourself. The crystal wants to show you something internal that is not visible. The Ace of Swords goes in favour of this idea - the new insights, truth and clarity of the situation.


Hmm meditate on this, it’s definitely not a coincidence.

I think it is either good news or a warning. The rose quartz breaking in two is eerily reminiscent of a broken heart? But it sounds like it was a clean break. The chariot is victory AFTER overcoming obstacles. But it also links with the zodiac sign Cancer which is lovey-dovey. Anyway meditate and find out what resonates with you.


When I first bought the rose quartz, I was tempted to buy two pieces. In the end I just bought one.

When it broke my immediate reaction was sad/shocked because it was a beautiful piece. But almost immediately after I thought now I can keep a piece in my purse.

I read somewhere else and someone had a comment saying something along the lines of “it broke on purpose. Now you have more to love. You can keep each piece where you need it most”

After I read that I was holding onto my crystal pieces and it felt right.

I kinda love that I originally wanted 2. And now I do haha


It is possible to see that there were internal crack, maybe not visible from outside. Just take a look at the layer of iron oxide.
Even it’s shaped and polished as one dt crystal, you’ve got two.
You may glue them if you feel they want to stay together.