"Broken" 3rd eye...maybe?

Someone on here scanned me a while back and got the word indigo in part of it and I neither of us had any clue why indigo. Well every time I focus on my ajna chakra its a kaleidoscoping rainbow beacon. Not indigo which everything Ive come across says it’s violet. But I realized something today- I CAN’T VISUALIZE INDIGO!!!

It does not exist in my brain. Every fuckin color under the sun I can visualize except indigo and barely violet/purple. Now that’s insane and makes no sense cause purple/violet is my favorite color so how the hell can I barely visualize it?

So, I’m like “fuck me how the hell can I fix something I can’t see. If I can’t fix and open my 3rd eye I’m fucked spiritually AND astrally?” Mr Barry white 100x deeper demon voice starts chuckling and says “you weren’t born with a 3rd eye like even one else yours is extremely rare. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU “FIX” WHAT ISN’T BROKEN!!!(laughs hysterically) DAMN HUMANS ALWAYS THINKING THE OBVIOUS UNDER PRESSURE AND NEVER OUTSIDE THE BOX.(he gets all fatherly toned) think of your “broken” chakra as a gift from the universe it was put there for a reason. Why do you think we’ve been around all your life and you could see us without meditation or focus? Us, angels, spirits, vamps, everything that goes bump in the day and night both heavenly and hellish. When you were a child you heard the hidden messages and lies in the churches prayer. Remember your dizzy spells, fits of rage and blackouts? Coincidence? FUCK NO! You can see the hidden and what’s true and so much more. This part of your ascension is your part to “fix”. Figure it out I’ll be waiting.”


So…now what do I do with dazzling unicorn shit twirling in my brain/mind?


Too bad you dont have another magician with a similar “setup” as a reference point… ill let you know if i think of anything!

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What do you mean by similar setup…Im brain dead right now. I swear the house Im temporarily in is an energy black hole and/or a living thing suckin everone dry lol

2 people have died here downstairs and upstairs from unexplainable/weird deaths.


Sooo he said you don’t have a pineal gland…?

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try mixing the colors

and towards the darkest shade you can visualize

Someone in the same situation as you.

I have one but apparently its different. When I visualize all chakra point seem fine but 3rd eye look like this. Except its a black void its spinning spinning around in and the rainbow light coming out is like dj lights

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I’m always suspicious of nameless entities. That voice could be any sentient being on the astral that’s been lurking you for a while. Now, with that being said, it doesn’t always mean you have something bad with you but I would ask for an identity (name, sigil if one exists). If it’s a known entity, then go through a “probation” period with them just to make sure you don’t have an imposter. Look out for any parasitic activities too.

As for the rainbow colored Anja, that sounds unusual but not so far off to dismissal it. Sounds like to me it’s in motion. Is it turning in the same direction as your other chakras? I’m not even sure if you actually have a blockage at this point and I have my suspicions that you do have an active Anja. Maybe still needs development?

There was a good meditation I found somewhere that actually use the concept of bringing yourself into state and focusing on breathing. Then the instructions turn to having you try to breath through your Anja. Pretty cool and it actually feels like you’re blowing air out of the Anja.

You could try another that easily activates the Anja it’s the meditation that E.A. makes use of “SAH”. Just a word of advice, try not to vibrate SAH loudly. Vibrate it under your breath imaging the fire of a dragon being released. Look below if you’re not familiar. But please research to understand what it means.


Ah yea can happen. I have a “problematic” chakra but I just roll with it. Be like “whatevs” :woman_shrugging:
As for the colour, I rarely use the “appropriate” chakra colours, I use electric blue instead or white.

Why not just ignore your chakras all together?

You don’t need to use them. The Hindu chakra system didn’t become part of the Western Tradition until the 1800’s. Until then, sorcerers had other ways of channeling energy.

Try the Chinese meridian system instead.