Bringing someone back sooner

There is a person that is going to be out of the country for a two or three week, doing business. Would you please recommend me some ritual or spell to bring her back sooner?

Thank you.


Evoking paimon would be your best bet. He can potentially create a scenario which forces her to come back sooner


So this is the story. I don’t know if I ever had any luck working with the Goetia Gods before. I tried different methods but I don’t really know whether they were successful. So this time I tried Joy of Satan method (I know there is some controversy with them). It’s simple and no protection is involved, like calling angels or jehova name, or using protective circles.
So I faced north west, and summoned Paimon. Somehow, it felt like someone was there. I gave him an offering and made my request respectfully. I told him I needed this person to be back to take care of an issue, and I specified him an exact date. I told him I would give him another offering if she was back.
The thing is, this person I needed was not back that day. But, that same day I found and met a different person, which ended to be much better in handling this issue!
So what I would like to know is whether this is a simple coincident, or indeed it’s Paimon work? Has anyone of you had experienced something like this before?

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I would say most of us have had results manifest in a way we didn’t expect. Sometimes the multiverse takes the most expedient route. While you didn’t get the person you wanted, the core of the matter was the issue you needed resolved. Someone was sent to resolve that issue, so call it a win.

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