Bringing demonic energy into my room?

Ok so I want to create a environment to bring energy into my room. A certain kind of energy. Demonic energy to fill
My room. I have things I need to do. And that involves a dark energy to fill my room.
And The thing I am doing has to have demonic energy in my room. I can’t have angelic energy in my room.

I think I know what you mean but this requires nothing but will and invitation. Sign a petition or summon a demon… maybe even invocation of multiple “demonic” energies. It isn’t hard, just be aware of what’s good for you and what isn’t.

I suggest decorating your room to where it has that kind of energy… skulls of animals, the Baphomet statue, neatly printed sigils, candles etc etc. it just helps to put you in the mindset that it requires. Invite them in. Trust me, once you do — it’ll linger there forever how long it will…

Demonic energy is just dark energy and it comes in different “flavors” by this I mean infernal dark energy will differ from abyssal dark energy. The demons of the abyss and the demons of the infernal are far different from one another, which you can either evoke entities from it or the energy of the abyssal realm or the infernal empire into your room (of course these aren’t the only places)

But after doing so just let the energy fester, don’t ground it or anything.