Bringing an ex back-using demons

I need to bring my ex back, we broke up almost 6 months ago.
still want him.
i tried many spells- failed.
i tried the intranquil spell(i paid for someone to do the job, yet no results)
can someone give me a good advice how to bring him back? in which demon i can use to bring him back? i’m trying for too long to bring him back and i’m really tired of it but not giving up…
thank you.

Please, use the search function. This has been discussed to death, there are tutorials, member’s experiences and what not.


Why your spells did fail? Are you still in contact? What was the reason for your break up? What stands between you and him? May be Dantalion could help you but it only depends on the relationship you’d build with him and on the way you approach him.

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Your better off using maybe Freya or another Goddess or God of love like Anteros, Olympian Eros, Aphrodite, Inanna, etc.


If it’s not working you should probably move on , they might have various forces spiritually protecting them

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Try lilith since u are a wowen look for the potatp spell qhit lilith. Now not mater if tey are procted. I use demons bfre to a chick. Norhings was working got reading she was the daughter of a black magician priest in new york. I switch gears do Egyptian magick .i win. Yes i was uncross do offerings etc. Until i switch.

May I ask - if they do have that. Can’t it be broken?

Try and see

We are not in contact.
The reason for the break up is because he thinks we don’t fit together.
idk why and what he’s not coming back.

I’m not giving up. I’m trying for too long but i don’t want to give up.

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I NEVER called to demons, idk how to that right.

I mentioned Gods and Goddesses not demons, but you can call to them in many ways, prayer, petition spell, etc.

Paimon to influence his mind, and Beleth to stir his sexual love.

I’ve had success bringing back an ex with Paimon alone (her feelings did not need influencing), but perhaps you should consider whether or not the breakup was for good reason.


I still love him and want him back.
Can you please explain what you did to bring him back? Thanks.


I evoked Paimon and asked for her back. I’d have to double-check my journals, but I believe the exact request was to have sex with her again.

I did not request a permanent reconciliation of the relationship, and now with the perspective that time brings I am quite glad that I did not. I harbor no ill-will for her, and there are times when I still do miss her (though my thoughts are 99% of the time about the sex, which was pretty awesome (thanks Haniel)), but I also acknowledge that she kind of treated me poorly (partially my fault because I was weak), however thicc she may be, and I really, really, really do not want to end up like her dad.

Maybe you two are totally absolutely super perfect for each other though, so here’s an article about getting your ex back with magick.

Not to be an ass, but breakups usually happen for good reason. Maybe he was a good partner, but you weren’t. Or maybe not, I don’t know you. If you want to mind-control him then summon up Paimon and he’ll do good work.


Hi @shinri. Your post has been super insightful. Would it be possible if you could pm me, I was wondering if I can talk to you further regarding evoking Paimon. I wanted to dm you but unfortunately I am still a newbie and have not unlocked the messaging feature yet.

Dantalion or Amon . Going to skip the “you broke up for a reason “ speech since I’ve been there… you’re going to try to bring him back anyway. I’d suggest Amon

You know that when a man thinks that, then the relationship ends. A lot of men have this logic and always have a lot of options, like a plan B. Women oft have only plan A and that is the difference between genders

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Where do you get this idea from? this is a pretty false comparison.