Breathing instructions

Can you give more detail on the “breathing style” EA recommends to evoke spirits? I will explain further… he talks about Inhale, Hold while imagining the air molecules to be glowing & floating around the room, exhale. I may have gotten some of that wrong, however since I have difficulty breathing anyay- I need to ask if you can add clairification to the process of the “steps” involved in breathing? Also, I’m likely making an easy & natural process difficult- however if you can help I’d be very appreciative.

i don’t remember anything specific from any of the works, but ea in mastering evocation uses several hand postures, one of them i recommend trying is where you touch all the fingers together but not the palms and hold them at about your navel.

If you look down through your hands on the top the thumbs and index fingers will almost look like a spade from a deck of playing cards

Have this posture relaxes the shoulders neck and chest also, see what natural rhythms get produced, a few examples from different systems.


breathing inhalation and exhalation is same length, the emptiness of the lungs is a brief pause as one transitions to the other, the softer your breath goes, the more seamless it will be, sometimes the body will naturally inhale or exhale more or hold with lungs full or empty.

golden dawn/hermetic kabbalist:

4 count cycle, inhale 4 counts, hold lungs full 4 counts , exhale 4 counts, hold empty 4 counts.


focus on breath and let the body determine each part of the cycle, focus on the mind and consciousness.

Raja Yoga:

1: 4:2 inhale one count, hold 4 times as long, exhale twice as long , this one is probably not so good for magic. More for focused meditation.

Hope this helps