Breakup jar spell

I did a breakup jar as per the instruction of a youtube channel. On the 10th day my candle was fully burnt off and it made a hole on the cap of jar. Since then the jar’s cap has a big hole and i am unable to shake it for now. What should i do now? I will be more than happy if someone help me in this regards. Thank you.

I’d accept it as a sign of non working spell, get rid of it, contact my entities and ask them what I did wrong and do it again.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I am totally new in this magical world and didn’t work with any entities. I don’t want to bother any entity. Could you please help me by providing advice,direction? I need to do this very badly cz my ex cheated on me.

Then just dispose of your jar and do it again. But think what may have gone wrong the 1st time.

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Maybe you had doubts while doing the spell, don’t let any unnecessary emotions in the way of your spell. That’s why you had a hole in the jar, try doing the spell again. I hope it works out for you.


Okay. Please check the elements that i have right now. (White Vinegar, lemon, black pepper, chilli powder, chilli flakes, black mustered seeds, small pins, nails, white candle) last time i used only white petition paper. Should i use the same or add there photos? Tomorrow is the tuesday of waning moon. Surely I will do it on the mars hour.

If there is anything to do please do suggest. And please if possible give me some incantations for this spell.

Thanks all of you.

I’d only substitute the white candle with black one. As far as incantation - I think the best one is the one that comes from your heart. Say it loud. Name the people who have to break up. Set free all your anger towards them. Say how exactly you want them to break up. Give an acceptable deadline. Speak in present time. Do it from the position of strenght, not from the position of the wounded ex who’s suffering. Just imagine both of them infront of you as if in the court, and as if you’re the judge whose verdict they’ll have to obey. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot my friend. I have found you as a tarrot reader as well. Would you like to do a reading for me?

Yes. What would you like to know?

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Thanks for your interest. My ex ghosted me badly just because of a person with whom she is now. There is something private issues if you don’t mind then i would like to share with you in privately such as email or any other place. It would be best for both of us to get perfect result if i get a chance to share with you the whole incident.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

Are u able to find out what kind of ritual or approach must be done to get rid of a parasitic state 5 clinger who’s wrecked my family and about to marry my ex which she caused him to abandon our child for? Simple breakup hasnt worked in the past. I will approach any which way to get her gone or make my ex wake up and get rid of her but idk if it needs her to be killed or arrested for that to happen as this is urgent emergency I must stop before my childs life is doomed forever and kids come in the mix by her.

Dear i can feel your pain. I am totally new in this magical journey so i am unable to help you by suggesting any spell. One thing i can give you that i learned this breakup jar spell from youtube. I am following 2 of the youtuber. One is “emily halifax” and the other is “magical witch”. You can see their videos. Magical witch works with dark work. Beside them you will find a lot of witchy channel in youtube. Whomever you like you can contact with them or in this website " become a living god" you will find a section named “spell to hire”. There are some person who can help you in this regards.

Always remember, professional spell casting service is expensive. And there is a lot of scammer in this online world. So decide carefully.

Best wishes for you.

@DarkestKnight @Lady_Eva
Accept my apologies for bothering you. Could you please provide any advice/suggestion regarding this breakup spell? I am ready to make a new jar. Before beginning i want to make sure that i am on a right track.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Thanks in advance.

Could you please elaborate about the unnecessary emotions? I didn’t understand the meaning. my heart is broken now and isn’t it normal to have some emotions? For your kind information i have no dout about this spell. One thing i have forgot to share that i am doing couple of breakup spells at the same time on a same target. Is that an issue? For the 10 days i burnt 10 candle each night. Every candle had tall and steady fire.

And i haven’t found any black candle in my area that’s why using white one. I found online that white can be replaced for any colour.

Do you have any suggestion for now?

Multiple spells in a day could affect it. When you do a 10 day spell you need to dispose the remnants after you’ve finished it then you wait 5 days later to do another. For a spell you need patience and time. If it’s a simple spell that doesn’t require for it to burn more than a week, you can do a few spells in a day but you needs fews hours in between.

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(Please accept apologies for my bad english.)

No dear. I didn’t do multiple spells on the same day. At first i made a breakup jar. Shake it and lit a candle each night for 10 days. it is instructed by the youtuber that i have to shake this jar everyday untill my mission is complete. She prescribed to lit a candle for only 7 days. But if anyone want then they can continue the candle burn. She also said that i can burn either black or white whatever i have.

On the 10th day, i have gone for a lemon spell. After finishing this job i lit a candle as well and waited for the candle fully burn down. After the lemon spell’s candle burnt down without any problem i kept the lemon in a dark place in my room. And i don’t know how much time it should be there and how to get rid of it.

All the time this 2 separate spell’s candle was burning smoothly. The flame was steady and tall.
Every night the breakup jar’s candle goes off normally without any problem with some little wax left. But on the 10th day when i made a lemon spell, that day the candle of breakup jar didn’t want to go off naturally and it goes burning untill made a hole in the plastic cap of the jar. I don’t know why this is happened.

Today i threw that jar in the water and made a new. Elements i used today ( Glass jar with steel cap, white vinegar, lime, white pepper, black pepper, chilli flakes, chilli powder, black mustered seeds, 9 pins, two seperate paper with their name birthday and zodiac sign, one another paper of petition( i write this in my native language). Shaken that jar for couple of minutes and then lit a white candle on top of the jar. Ohhh i used insense all the time and its smell is the same of jasmine flower. My candle is still burning and its flame is steady, bright and tall pointing to the sky. The height of the flame is around 3-5 inch for all the time. Sometime it goes more high for a certain period of time. I am using a regular teper candle and it takes almost 2.5 hours to burn fully. As todays mars hour was 3 to 4 am in night and i have started the whole procedure in this time. Now the sun is rising and my candle will take another 1 more hour to go off if everything goes right.

Now tell me what is going on. I am waiting for the opinion/advice/suggestion from all of you. Thanks in advance.

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Not my kind of thing, sorry, I’ve also never used a spell like this and am unlikely to ever do so. :thinking:


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello… Are you there? I need a reading my dear. Please do this for me and let me know when you are available.

Thank you.

Sorry for my late reply. Too much work besides the magical those days. However - feel free to pm me any question you may have that could be answered through tarot, or even ask them in the current topic and I’ll answer you.

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