BREAKING: Your Guide To Gnosis With The Serpent Of Chaos



The Best-Selling Demon-Powered Draconian Tarot Magic Exclusively For Qliphothic Magicians & Black Witches

By Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack

Update: The hand-crafted mahogany sigil box, Leviathan’s Chest, has become available again in a limited edition of 50 boxes.

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BREAKING: Two World Leaders In Qliphothic Magic Unlock The First Draconian Tarot System With An All-New Demon-Powered Deck Of 78 Tricolor Cards And Guide To Gnosis With The Serpent Of Chaos

Good Afternoon, Asenath Mason here.

In this post, I’d like to present Leviathan’s Chest, the hand-crafted mahogany sigil box that protects the Oraculum Leviathan tarot deck and complements the grimoire. It had sold out immediately years ago, but has finally become available again in a limited edition of 50 boxes.

Oraculum Leviathan is a tarot deck which I created for other practitioners of Draconian magic. The deck includes 78 cards and several spread ideas, with one exclusive to this set of cards. The whole project was inspired by my personal work with the Qliphoth and the magic of the Dark Tree, and those who are already working with my books on this subject will find it a powerful addition to the already existing material. The deck is available alone or with companion book written by Bill Duvendack, and there is also a beautiful wooden box in which you can store the cards.

The tarot itself is an old form of divination that has achieved wide popularity over the last one hundred years, and while it is commonly found, very few decks embrace the Left Hand Path themes, and none refers to the Draconian Tradition specifically, except Oraculum Leviathan . Here you will find imagery and symbolism designed for a Left Hand Path magician, and especially for those who work with Qliphothic magic, referring to the self-initiatory path of the Dark Tree. This concept of self-initiation is the central part of the ritual system presented in my books such as Qliphothic Trilogy , and this is also what has been included in the images of this tarot deck.

The Initiatory Journey From The First Step To Complete Self-Realization And Crowning Of The Path

The tarot itself is an allegory of an initiatory journey, from the first step on the path, which is typified by The Fool, to complete self-realization and the crowning of the path, which is represented by The World. In this case, we are speaking of the initiatory process of the Left Hand Path, where each successive step brings us closer to self-deification. The story of initiation presented in Oraculum Leviathan is therefore the way of the Left Hand Path adept, who enters the roots of the Qabalistic Tree through the Cave of Lilith and walks through the Dark Night of the Soul to emerge victorious from the Darkness of the Underworld and be crowned as a living god at the Throne of Lucifer. This is a process of inner transformation and self-realization through the successive awakening and mastering of the Serpent/Dragon Force that is known in Tantra as Kundalini and in the ritual system presented in my books it corresponds to Leviathan, the Serpent of Chaos that binds all, like the Gnostic Ouroboros.

The Cyclical Nature Of The Path Of The Dragon

This also shows another important facet of the path – it is not linear, but cyclic – like the ancient serpent devouring its own tail, continuously destroying and creating itself anew. On the Path of the Dragon we destroy and create ourselves as well. When one initiation is completed, another begins, and our goals, aspirations and the way we perceive the world change and evolve as we progress on the path. The allegory presented on the cards of Oraculum Leviathan shows what this process looks like for the Draconian Initiate and what stages and ordeals on the path we have to face on our way to divinity. It is therefore not only a tool of divination, but also a graphic depiction of the initiatory journey into the Womb of the Dragon – the source of all creation and all manifestation.

The Serpent Of Chaos

The title of the deck refers to the mythical serpent known as the Serpent of Chaos. In the ritual system presented in my books, Leviathan represents the “Dragon” as the primal atavistic force of creation and destruction that underlies all evolution and entropy in the universe. It is the force behind the whole Draconian Tradition and a vehicle of illumination and growth on the Path of the Dragon. In the Draconian Tradition, Leviathan is both the Inner and the Outer Dragon - the primal force of all creation and all destruction and the inner evolutionary potential of man. In the macrocosmic sense, Leviathan is the very beginning, the original cosmic force that gave rise to the universe. On the microcosmic level, the Serpent of Chaos represents the inner source of continuous transformation and timeless existence, the principle that activates and binds all processes of the Self. It is therefore a perfect symbol to work with for a practitioner of Draconian magic, both in its Qliphothic aspect and as a reference to the magic of the Left Hand Path in general.

My Clairvoyant Tarot Channelings

The images included in Oraculum Leviathan were to a certain point inspired by the traditional tarot symbolism. This includes the traditional concepts behind the Major Arcana as well as the key terms connected with the Minor Arcana, called the Suits. The difference and what makes them unique is that they have been developed and expanded by visions obtained through my personal work with each concept and archetype presented on the particular cards. As an active practitioner and Initiate of the Draconian Tradition, I approached this work from a magical perspective and focused on depicting the journey through the Tree of Knowledge that I have undergone myself and now I teach to my friends, students and ritual partners. Therefore, if you are familiar with my writings, this tarot deck will enhance your personal work with this fascinating magical tradition. If not, you will find an explanation of each card on the pages of the companion book, together with instructions of how to use it in a practical way. In other words, this is the first, and so far the only, tarot deck referring to themes from the Draconian Tradition and its practical application in modern magic.

Here’s A “Tip Of The Iceberg” Summary Of What A Serious Qliphothic Magician & Black Witch Will Experience With Oraculum Leviathan…

With the Oraculum Leviathan tarot deck, grimoire, and chest, you will:

  • Discover 78 completely new, original tarot portraits featuring the long-suppressed, now-uncensored themes of Qliphothic Magic
  • Tap into, harness, and anchor the magick of the Qliphothic Realms, Tunnels, and Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • Learn the fundamental occult origins and history of the most popular divination system in the world
  • Exactly how to utilize the tarot as portals for advanced astral projection, voluntary lucid dreaming, and clairvoyant meditation
  • Gain access to definitive art presenting the black magical concepts within the Draconian Tradition, the Qliphoth, and the Left Hand Path in general.
  • How to precisely utilize tarot magic to ignite ascent in your personal left Hand Pathworking
  • Receive an unprecedented depth of cutting edge knowledge about the Draconian and Qliphothic currents
  • Obtain high-powered tools that harness the sorcery of the Dark Gods & Goddess innate to the Draconian Path and the Dark Tree

All this makes it a unique deck among the others. You can use it for divination as well as meditation, scrying and astral journeys into realms and concepts portrayed here, and you can also enhance your rituals by using the cards as altar decorations or meditate with them before sleep to enhance lucid dreaming and trigger magically inspired dreams. I have designed this deck for other Draconian Initiates and for anyone interested in working with the tarot symbolism from the Left Hand Path perspective, and I hope that all of you will find it a useful and effective tool in your work.


The Complete Oraculum Leviathan features:

  1. Tarot Deck - 78 tricolor cards & cardboard box
  2. Mahogany Sigil Box - Hand-crafted Leviathan’s Chest
  3. Hardback Grimoire - Color-printed, foil-stamped, leather & cloth editions

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Darkest Blessings,