Break up spells

Hello all!

It is great to find this community.

I wondered if someone could help me. I have been doing some spell work on a break up for the past few months and it still hasn’t manifested.

Any recommendations to try and speed up the process and to have a big impact?

I started communication with asmodeus but haven’t asked him to help with this. He visited me last night and it was very overwhelming but an incredible experience.

Before troubling him for his assistance, I wondered if there was some top tips to do it myself first?

U breaking up others or yourself ? don’t need spell if it’s yourself. Just be upfront with person that you no longer want person in your life. It’s called communicating your needs. That’s the thing to do these days. Mundane communication. Try it. It’s make things much easier. =o) Instead of going
route A–> B–>,C,—>D,—>E —> results goal. Just go route A-----> results goal.

No, someone else… not me!

do a search . there’s this magnifying glass on top right. Plenty of post already that answer your question.

I have done :).

I am fully aware of it and have done extensive search on the subject.

It’s a specific questions relating to when it isn’t manifesting and asking for advice on the subject.

it’s call lusting. i’m sure u read about it if u did the searches. spell work when they work. u can’t force it.
and if u really new to spells. then u might need to work on yourself to build mind power and will, focus, concentration. etc… It’s not just cast and that’s it. Many variables. It’s not movie magick.

Ok, can you give me some advice on getting it all to work?

I have strong meditation skills, been doing that for years and worked on law of attraction for years. Just haven’t done anything to target something in a break up situation.

Can you hear demons or communicate with them during mediation?

Maybe the spells you did focused on the wrong part. If you knew that there might be already differences between them, you could try to make them worse etc.