Break up spells combo with Love spell?

In your experiences is it possible to perform this two type of rituals succesfully?
Is it contraindicated?
Would you do it in a preferable order?

Open up more about the situation. So that we can understand the context. (Only if you feel comfortable, of course)

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It’s best to layer something like this. If you try to mix up everything in a simgle ritual, the results might be just as mixed, too.

It depends on the details of your situation. Do you want to break up a couple and keep one of the pieces? Or do you want to break up with someone and then attract someone else?

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I’ll write you privately. Could i?

Then the first thing you gotta do is separate them.

You could try different approaches. You could cast a repulsion spell on either of them (though if you cast it on her, you might feel repulsed too), you could sour their bond, etc.

Don’t do any love spells until that situation is resolved.



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Could you please give more details the repulsion spell?

Basically focus your intent on either making your target feel repulsed by someone specific, or making everyone else feel repulsed by them.

You could try a simple petition to the spirit of your choice. Or maybe a petition to isolate.

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Thanks a lot! Exactly what I wanted to my target, but didn’t think about a petition spell!

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