Break up spell with only one person's name

Does anyone know of any spells to break up a relationship, especially a twin flame relationship, but you only know one person’s name and not the lover?

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I’m afraid that you can’t break a twin flame connection. Even if you manage to make them break up, they always tend to go back together sooner or later.

And If it is not a twin flame relationship?

@Melankolia and if they aren’t twin flames? Know any spells that need one name only?

All break up spells could work with just one name and “romantic or sexual partner” for the other person. But the chances are better if you have a name or/and any kind of link.


Twin flame… is that still a thing in 2019? I don’t believe in it. Usually these are relationships between a codependent, a narc and a traumabond. I read for people in RL and the money I could take off people if I just fed into this bs. It’s a new age sham, imo. Anyhow, it should work with one name, anything will work if you know it will no matter what the situation is.


Could you recommend one that’s powerful and quick?

Or can I use a sigil to break up a couple?

I think I have a few breakup spells written down somewhere I’ll have to have a look though!

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Sorry, I’m out of the relationship spells for many years now. But why don’t you make your own spell instead, nothing’s stronger than what is made from you.

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I’d recommend you form a pact of some description. The baphomet is pretty good at this kind of stuff.
If you feel competent enough to do it yourself, then you’ll want to channel your intent into the person who’s name you have, with the intent of driving a wedge in between them and anyone, other than you, to whom they’re attracted. Depending on how things go, you’ll then may need to do a few other rituals to tweak the manifestation and potentially provide other changes to aid the first ritual ( stronger attraction to you, dreams of you etc. ). It’s not a science, but you can get some serious results using this approach. Can’t praise candle spells enough here: they’re a great channelling medium.
Don’t worry about that twin flame nonsense. Relationships are just initial attraction and later people start building part of their self esteem on the other person, using them as a kind of base. Its dead easy to tear down, if you know what you’re doing.

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Awesome! Thank you!