Brain Washing & Mind Making

This is a cleansing you can do with nothing but shampoo contitioner addition of insence and candles make for pleasant effect. Its very basic I styled to suit muggle minds. I and expanded for folks like us
Part A

  1. When in the shower and you pour the shampoo into your palm think of the liquid as if it were disinfectant and start scrubbing & massaging every thought that dose not belong to you, something someone said or a disapproving look ir a manifestation you feel is done wrong. Scub it like cleaning the tea stains off your favourite cup.
    Well done. Lets begin
  2. As you have the conditioner in your palm and place on your hair think about something of yourself thats true and you like. …maybe you are kind to animals or have a catching laugh. Smile as you massage.
  3. As you rinse allow yourself to release all the things that you like about yourself as if it was not really real
  4. As you wrap up and gown up think about your spirituality ehat you have achieved feel proud and aknowlage that you feel this
  5. Light White candle and Black candle as you go into meditation and begin to breathe. Release all attachments to your progress and accomplishments as if they too are not really real as though it dosent matter. For insistence I can walk I can meditate then laet go of the aknowlaged fact that you can do something. Extinguish white candle
  6. Lighy insence -black opium & combination of sandalwood with cinnamon. Breathe in out
    Go into trance state
    “Iam the dark Iam of the dark I am in the dark”
    Daemon chant to your discretion to get yourself connecting.
    Om writing this to begin with I had Belial on my mind as he awsome when sacrificing bullishit beliefs
    Then i began thinking of shax because going into the darkest of the dark well may need a guide.
    As you can se you are washing out your brain
    •For this the white candle represents the here & now of existing reality we live. The black is where we really exist.
    Entering the darkness. Travel by soul. Or see how far you can go.
    The point is you really are made from the dark space so remake yourself when you go there.

Freel free to adapt manipulate explorecthe idea further ir simply ignore. Hope its enjoyed


Thank you for sharing this,