Brain Magick & Meta-Magick || by Philip H. Farber


I wanted to point out. After EA’s interview with Philip Farber, I became quite fascinated in taking a deeper look at meditation and magick from a neuroscientific point of view.
I ordered both books: “Brain Magick” and “Meta-Magick, The Book of Atem”

I’m half way through “Brain Magick” and have to say - HIGHLY recommended.

Brain Magick is an amazing foundational understanding of HOW meditation works, how you can tweak it in multiple ways, and how to attain those higher states of meditation through simple logical steps. I’ve been picking and tweaking the recommended meditations and have found them EXTREMELY powerful.

As for “Meta-Magick, The Book of Atem”, I’ve only read the first few chapters and I don’t have a solid opinion of it yet.

Just wanted to throw that out there :slight_smile:


also, dealing with the brain and spirituality,

Todd Murphy, on neurotheology. this is the first of six videos dealing with various brain functions and enlightenment.

a must see

1 God and the Brain - The Persinger ‘God Helmet’, The Brain, and visions of God.


The God Helmet is very interesting stuff. I’ve used it before and had interesting results. He also just put out a new updated version that works even better.


I’ve been wanting to get something like this going. I’d love to play with this stuff.


bahamuthat, that was absolutely fascinating. I haven’t been that interested in a video for a long, long time. Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to have to facebook this :slight_smile:


yeah, this guy is special. he has intelligence, wisdom AND charisma. i’ve once listened to him talkin about nothing for 40mins :slight_smile: