Boundary Spell Effects

I created a boundary spell around my condominium complex and I am in a lot of pain after the spell has taken effect. I wanted to keep negativity out and anything that may harm myself or my family. As well as anything that may effect our health in a negative way. I can feel the effects of the spell in a positive way but now there seems to be a lot of crows about 12 or 13 and i am not sure why I have the pain and why the crows are here if anyone has any input on this please let me know. Thank you ahead of time.

This is a “ murder” of crows and not necessarily bad. Crows are messengers and symbols of magick and clairvoyance. If they are circling it’s an omen of death but I’d check and make sure there’s not a dead animal. If they’re just around take it as a symbol that your magick is working.

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That is wonderful thank you for replying.

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I removed the boundary spell and the pain I was having is gone.

Maybe you have some negative shit latched onto you in a way that can’t easily be removed, and your spell was trying to remove it? That would easily explain the pain.

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I will do a ritual tonight to remove anything that might be attached. Thank you. I should have thought about that but I didn’t.

It could be personal traumas and stuff too, you should identify what was causing you pain before you try to deal with it, so you can deal with it more effectively.

Yeah I have gotten a lot better from my therapy. I used to do yoga all the time as well i had a normal meditation practice and then i stopped it all because I became sore from the yoga. I should have just eased up but i instead stopped everything now I am feeling as if i am blocked and unsure as to why. maybe stopping the meditation practice caused a lot more then i thought it would of and I should just get back to being on a routine. But i am not sure to be honest. I think it is wonderful being able to talk with someone. Seeing as it is only me and my familiar which i have not spoken too in a very long time. Maybe that is the issue as well.

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It sounds like you first need to get back into regularly practicing meditation. From there examine yourself, and every aspect of your life. From there you should know what to do.

Smiles. it is a joy to be able to get advice from someone other than my own head LOL. Thank you so much for your input. I will take your advice and get back on a routine with my meditation. I appreciate this a lot more then you will know.

I went through a self-reflection and improvement thing myself not too long ago…

Keep in mind that it will suck if you have some major repressed traumas, and the trick to dealing with them is feeling the associated emotions and accepting that they exist and that you can’t do anything to change whatever happened.

I agree. In some way you turned it on yourself, or more specifically, some aspect involving you. Which is not always a bad thing. It’s a good diagnostic.

Growing up I had a murder of ravens that stayed near my house or followed me around town. They seemed to protect me and my family. I even gave them names. (The four main ones were Kiki, Kraar and their kids Hugin and Mugin) They were a good omen. Just as well my uncle’s spirit guide was ravens. But he once thought he was wrong and it was owls when he saw an owl snatch up one of his ravens and kill it by snapping its neck while looking directly at him. But when he followed the owls it led him to very bad times. So I dont necessarily believe the crows are bad. They are likely just attracted to your magick.

The pain however might be something that the anti negativity spell is warning you of something physical inside you. It might be worth going in for a check up. Your spell may be warning you of something now so it doesnt cause trouble later.

How would i remove whatever is attached to me ? I will be glad if it isn’t something bad or negative and not all bad things or negative things cause harm some are more mischievous in nature and just want you to pay attention to them. But others are well they are scary. And the issue i have is being afraid of what i cannot see but knowing it is there. When i had a regular meditation practice it was weird it was as if i was creating this space in my moment of clarity. I could see it as i see our would before our eyes. There were a lot of plants and a lot of spirits there all of whom had a multitude of advice and information. Things I had never even heard of and instead of following through and continuing my practice I became scared and stopped was that a bad thing ?

Dude, I told you that you should look inside to see what it is. Oftentimes, when something latches onto you, it’s a symptom of something wrong in your internal microcosm.

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okay. I will schedule another appointment with my doctor and see what she may come up with. Maybe it could be something they were not aware of or did not come up at the time. But I will get another checkup just to make sure.

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That would be best just to make sure you’re alright. After all. The most negative thing that could happen to your family is you being sick. Getting now is best if there is something.

True and yes you are correct it would really impact my family.

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