Bound to a demon or spirit for your entire life?

Hello, I have read that when you contact a demon or spirit, you are bound for your entire life. Is it so? It this is so, then what happens, for example, if in this life or after death you wish and decide to follow your life with some distinct spiritual beings, like Saints, Angels, Archangels…

By the way: what does a demon or spirits want exactly from you?


Nope , you’re not bound all your life , what do they want from you ? Different things for different spirits , that’s like asking what a merchant wants from you .

You’re only bound to them if you make a contract that states such. Otherwise you’re not at all.

As for what they want from you is whatever it is they tell you they want by means of working together, some want something, some don’t.


I think you might be referring to EA’s statement that once you reach out to a spirit, that spirit is with you always, but that doesn’t mean you are bound to them. It simply means that you are energetically entangled at the quantum level, in the same way you are with any human you have ever met in your life. The only difference, really, is that the entanglement with a spirit isn’t bound by time.


Hello, yes, I think that was the post I read. And what implies that?

Common sense, really. You are automatically entangled at the quantum level with everyone you have ever met (this is simply a basic energy connection and doesn’t have any significance. However, the more you are around someone the more entangled you become. It’s why you become more like that with which you associate yourself), but with spirits, since they are not bound by time in the same way that we are, the entanglement transcends past, present and future.

At least, that is the way I understand it. I’m sure many will disagree. but the bottom line is, you are not bound to any spirit you work with unless you make a specific agreement for such, as @anon48079295 already mentioned.


Neither these entities would interfere in a negative way in the terms I was referring to in my first of this thread, that is; if you want at any point follow evolution in a different style?


Unless you are in a conscious pact to work with a certain spirit to the exclusion of all others, you are free to work with as many spirits as you choose.


I wouldn’t say bound, necessarily; but in my experiences with Lilith and Samael, it’s become clear to me that my work with them isn’t just limited to this life. Also, when I’ve worked with demons, often some of their associates will hang around for some time or permanently. When I was working in the qlipha of Gamaliel, for instance, I had one of the Nehemoth (Night Whisperers) that showed up in my bed on a regular basis and taught me psychic vampirism. Another example: I have a succubus as a familiar spirit ever since I did my first major invocation of Lilith.

And yes, I will insert my standard disclaimer at this point that I know exactly how insane that sounds. Sometimes I have a hard time believing it myself, even, and I’m the one experiencing it.

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Every demon invoked is forever bound to the witch and viceversa. In the material plain of existence the forces of Azerate work closely together. So actually the witch will work continuesly with different dark Gods. Working with only one for an entire life sounds more like parasites which are also powerful and useful in some cases.