Bound and gagged

I feel like I have been bound. What are some spells or techniques to release yourself from a binding spell?

Mercury should be able to release you, he is also the ruler of crime and prisons (polarity), lookup/hunt down the book on planetary talismans by Regardie, and make a Mercury talisman with phrases like “Free at last!” and so on that resonate with you on the sides.

Planetary work is compatible with ALL other magickal resources and currents, so that’s my best suggestion to begin with - by making a MANIFEST physical item, you’ve begun the unbinding of your phsyical self.

just going off the top of my head

Own your curse, realize what spiritual forces are affecting you through spiritual intuition.

Put a name to your curse.

Put your curse in a match (name the match your curse and realize the match as representing your curse)

Burn it.

Sulfur is very good for curse removal, which is found in matches.