Bottle Spell for Love with Erzulie Dantor

Alright BALG fam, I’ve got a powerful general love spell to share with y’all. If you practice Vodou and you want some lovin, this is the spell for you. I performed this spell roughly three weeks ago and now I’m dating three different women and my interactions with women as a whole have increased in warmth and flirtatiousness. Alright, so a quick warning: This spell will be performed with the help of Ezili Danto. You MUST give her weekly offerings and you must treat her with respect. She’s a petwo lwa. They are fiery. You have been warned. Alright, so you’ll need rose petals both red and pink, wild mint or peppermint, lilac petals, sugar, semen or female sexual fluid, a pinch of chili pepper, wild flowers, cloves, cinnamon chips, ylang ylang oil, rose oil, honey, peppermint oil, and the heart of a dove sacrificed to Ezili Danto. So here’s how the ritual is performed. You will repeat the ritual for five nights. For the first night, you will focus on lust and attraction and add the cinnamon, cloves, and red rose petals to the bottle. Ask Ezili Danto to bless it and visualize new lovers coming to you as you gaze at the bottle sitting on her veve. Add water that has been offered to your ancestors but don’t fill it all the way up. The next night, focus on the romance and sweetness of love and add the pink rose petals, ylang ylang oil, lilac, sugar, and honey. Also add some pink colored stones. Ask Ezili Danto to bless it and visualize you and a potential lover holding hands, kissing, going on dates, etc. Add more ancestral water. Repeat the lust aspect on the third night and add more herbs, red stones, and ancestral water and repeat the blessing ritual. On the fourth night, repeat the romance aspect and add more of the herbs, pink stones, and ancestral water. On the final night, add the dove heart and fill the bottle to the top with herbs, stones, and oils of both lust and romance. Seal the bottle with wax or a cork, and bless it, asking Ezili Danto to give her power to the heart, making it beat again, and with every beat, bringing love, romance, lust, sex, and intimacy into your life. After the ritual, take the bottle outside and blow cigar smoke, stating it’s purpose and stating aloud that you’re giving it power. Do this once a week after creating the bottle and don’t let anyone else see or touch it. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight. So that’s that, sorry for the wall of text.


The function of this spell, is to work like a vortex, sucking in potential lovers and attracting them to you. It’s mostly non-coercive but you definetly do have an edge with this powerful spell. To maximize it’s effectiveness, create a love/lust mojo bag as well and add the feet of the sacrificed dove. Carry this bag with you after consecrating it in a separate ritual and you will be amazed at the results.


Teach me voodoo? Lol


Good work man
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@Fallen_Angel PM me and I can help get you started. @Micah Thanks man! I hope it helps.


Bottle/jar spells are really cool because there is so much you can do with them. It’s like creating a little world and letting it bleed into our physical realm. I’m working on another bottle spell to increase my psychic functions and second sight.


Funny. I’ve been thinking about cooking up the same thing. I have several herbs that Serve that purpose.

Haven’t gotten around to it yet


What herbs are you using? I’m having a lil trouble finding more herbs to incorporate. I’m using mugwort, damiana, lavender, and myrrh.


Mugwort, lavender, cat’s claw, hibiscus dandelion leaf, and calendula are the ones I was going to use.


Yeah, you have to serve both Erzulie Danto and Erzulie Freda, but never on the same day and keep their offerings separate. I never said that the Lwa are servants. Not ever. That would be a lie. I serve the Lwa, not the other way around. They grant me help and power from time to time. And I don’t work with any Lwa that I haven’t already built a relationship with. I don’t claim to be initiated Haitian style. I practice New Orleans style.



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This sounds great but Erzulie Dantor takes white doves? I thought that Freda eats white dove? Why not a black hen instead? I am new to this and am reAlly courious

Also do you paint the bottle exactly how much are the herbs each in measurement?

I’m curious about why Dantor and not Freda for the spell? I usually do love attraction type work with Erzulie Freda and protection or revenge work with Dantor.

For your third eye bottle I would suggest wormwood and possibly angelica. Thanks! I could use suggestions for a money/prosperity bottle if you have any.


Freda is a loa that if you work love works with her depending on which ones can have different results. Freda is seen wanting it all and never happy afterwards she wants more and more never satisfied. To do works of love can pull you into the work so you will be the same as the other and souls tied together. You might not be happy with that. So if it’s lust situations she understands but different when love.

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Dantor I have not heard of doing love work with but perhaps because she is a protective loa of her children and all children perhaps her love can in fact draw new love. I have not tried this work yet but might to see if she agrees

Hi Frater, I always enjoy reading your posts and have gleaned great nuggets from them.

When you say you weren’t initiated Haitian style, but practice NO style, what do you mean?