Bored with evocation?

This is not something I thought I’d feel for many years, but…here I am. Over the past year, I’ve used these methods to go from having nothing to having my feet set in several moneymaking endeavors, going from being deathly sick to feeling stronger than I ever have in my life, from being lonely and depressed constantly to having more confidence than I know what to do with. My question is…what now? Evocation has given events in my life enough momentum that I’m at the point where things are snowballing on their own without need for spiritual input.

Many have suggested to me that it may be time to start focusing on material wealth, building my stash. The thing is, I have a nice house now, good car, money in the bank, food in the fridge…im good! I have all the resources i need to continue my work here as a spiritual being, and excess material wealth does not interest me.

Every major entity I have ever evoked has had one thing in common; they have stressed to me that I dont need them or any other spirit to help me, that everything i have ever asked for is easily attainable on my own, i just have to be secure in my own power. I’m not saying I’ll never evoke a spirit again, at this point I’m just interested in seeing what I’m capable of on my own.
I’m sure a few of you, especially EA, have been to this point…what have you have you done to continue your journey? I’m thinking learning to do magick during soul travel may be a good idea.

Maybe it’s time for you to start evoking spirits for pure knowledge? I’ve been going through a “majickal drought” myself.I have been stressed about NOT being able to evoke or make some kind of contact,so for the past week or so I’ve not been doing anything to advance myself.

Sounds like you’ve got to the same point EA wrote about in book of Azazel. He was able to evoke (or call forth) the things he wanted without the aid of other entities.

Give it time, you’ll be back to wanting something eventually, that’s the nature of things. It could be this isn’t your path and your more suited to another kind of magick. Either way congrats on turning things around and using magick to make your life better.

I was in the same boat about a year ago. I pretty much had everything I wanted, and didn’t feel that I needed much more. That’s when I started pathworking through the works of Mark Alan Smith as a path of spiritual evolution, and evocation is a big part of his works. Not saying you have to work with his books, there are many paths out there with the same goal, but maybe it’s time you may want to look in that direction and pick one of them that suits you best. There’s more to be had from evocation than just physical gain.

I’ve been there myself. I know it’s strange but at times I really feel like renouncing all of my material possessions and walking the earth wherever my feet carry me. It’s kind of comforting to know whatever you do that your going to be okay. I guess all you have to do is learn how to run with that feeling.

I went though that also. With me, I also quit caring about gaining material possessions. I had gained what I needed and am now set for my future.
I turned to Shamnism and found a small group to practice magick with. We teach each other and that has helped me get the drive back to go deeper. Maybe take some time off of it for a while or try Pathworking as andreeje mentioned above.

Hell man, learn some superpowers or somethin’ hahaha. I find that folks often don’t allow for more expansive experiences, and with magick I feel we gotta really push the bounds of what we accept as real. So you probably would like something, it’s just that now it isn’t a something that is going to be gained by “material” things (there’s a whole lot more to be got with material than just money, land, or popular items). So it’s really something you’ll find out, but you really got a lot you can do that doesn’t have much to do with utilizing entities, or perhaps realizing that everything is a very alive entity in itself.

do liber kkk for two years of ball-busting magick in just about every style you can think of.

again, do liber kkk. it will push you harder than anything you’ve done up til now.

once again. do liber kkk.

oh wait, before i forget…

…do liber kkk.

Going to start Liber KKK tonight.
I received the message that even though I’m tiring of the feats achieved through evocation, its something I will continually have to do if I want to keep the ball rolling. Just because I have set things in motion, does not mean that the entities whose help I have enlisted will continue to act autonomously without further interaction. As circumstances change, so must their instructions. So basically, a person building a house wouldn’t stop after laying the foundation to pat themselves on the back, they would start building the walls! So yes, I have money, food, shelter, transportation, and a steadily gigging and recording band, but I’m just getting out of the woods…the time has come to begin planning an empire. Here’s hoping Liber KKK will giveiideas for that