Books on Qliphothic Tree initiation and reccomendation

I’ve read positively about Thomas Karlsson and Kenneth Grant, how do their approach differ?
Is it really safe and “complete” to start with qliphothic tree without the sephirothic?
I’d prefer a pathworking method since it’s a more comfortable approach for me.

Some people here even claimed to have almost died in accidents because of qliphothic work, why?

That will depend on the individual.

The qliphoth brings you face to face with various shadow aspects of reality, the individual, and the larger collective as a whole.

It will also confront you with some really unpleasant shit.

It’s jumping right into the deep end.

While on the one hand, it’s rather dogmatic to insist that the sephiroth must be tackled first, it’s also probable that’s the healthier way to go about it for some folks as they’ll need that grounding before going into some really heavy work.

I think this comes down to the effects of calling what are often times rather chaotic, and dark energies into your life.

Like being a storm chaser. If you get too close to that storm at the wrong time, well you’re gonna have a mess at the very least.

Some of this though, I would chalk up to a bit of “superstition”. If you will…

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What about Thomas Karlsson and Kenneth Grant, how their approach differ?

I ask that again because their books are the only ones available in my language.

I haven’t read Kenneth grants material so can’t really comment on it.

Karlssons qabbala goetia and qlippith has a lot of discussion and study in it. On the side of praxis, it only provides some sigils, mantras, some associations and squares and a couple of outlined rituals.

The material he put forth largely derives from dragon rouge if I recall correctly.

I do believe some dragon rouge material is also part of the make up (lineage?) of the temple of ascending flame, but I could be wrong about that.

Which means safe? For Qliphothic Self-Initiation you don’t need sephiroth. I recommend Asenath Mason and Edgar Kerval books. Qliphoth and Sephiroth are absolutely incompatible, like oil and fire in your consciousness.

I’ve read from other practitioners that working with the tree of life side(sephirothic) is better for beginners as it is “easier” and give you mostly positive experiences, grounding, confidence ecc.

How much experience do you have? I just went through it myself and just finished the tunnels of set. It was very challenging. I learned as much as I could for 3-4 years before going through it myself. As long as you are really prepared to do it and your ok with the possibility of losing everything. There is a really easy self initiation on vk jehannums WordPress. If your just looking for an initiation guide.

Why losing everyhing?

It totally restructures your life. I mean be prepared to let go of anything. It’ll rip anything that doesn’t serve you away. Could be a job, partner, could be your money and even your mind. I’m also trying to convey the severity of what can happen. As long as your ready willing and able to lose or go through all these things I wouldn’t attempt it. Not everyone makes it through the abyss Crossing. Just make sure your ready dude you’ll understand me when you get there.

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I’m alone, never had a gf, no job, no dreams.
I got nothin to lose besides some friends, my parents, my pets.

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I’m reading Karlsson book but it says i need special incenses with poisonous plants like datura. Jeez.
Also the book stops and won’t go beyond a certain qliphot because as he writes: “the last ones are dangerous and you need a fully initiated master to open and work with them”.

Na theres easier ways to initiate. Honestly do the sephiroth first. How long have you been into the lhp? The qliphoth is the equivalent to meth in terms of magical systems. I studied and learned about it for 4 years before I started. I don’t recommend doing it right now get some experience behind you first give it a few years.

What other methods?
How to initiate sephirothic tree?

I haven’t looked at this book but take a look. The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians: A Guide to the Sephiroth by Anita Kraft, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I’ve read reviews but they say it’s not a practical initiation.

You might give this a spin:

Being a vampire help in the Qliphoth no ?

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I would prefer pathworkings since i’m not native english speaker and i’d have to translate every single line, and many words could be lost.

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Is caos esperience in your Life ,you see all things with anorher prospettive… Is hard and in my opinion all qlipoth work with you constantly…
Is a command you give ti your unconscouos mind

Would you suggest a full initiation book?