Books like Adam Blackthornes Sigils of Power and Transformation

Are there other books with traditionally known sigils of magick. I like the Blackthorne book. It is easy magick to do and it works. I also found a book called Celestine Light Magickal Sigils of Heaven and Earth but the sigils in it do not seem the same.

Or I did see on BALG how one could make a sigil Austin Spare style and maybe put it on a Kamea/magick square. Would something like this incorporate the meaning of the sigil along with planetary power, or would I need a kind of relationship with the planetary power for that to work.

I have used Chaos type sigils successfully before for self change but I am not sure how to get some spirit power going with it.

I even used sigils to compliment some of the work Lady Eva turned me onto about PTSD. I really like sigils, but only if they work. If you know what I mean. How can I incorporate some outside energy.

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Have you tried the book 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise? She is also a member of the Gallery of Magick and her book is quite similar to Blackthorne’s.

There are many ways you could bring in some outside energy to Spare style sigils. You could ask a spirit to help manifest the intent of the sigil, or to charge it with their energy.

Using a planetary kamea would infuse your intention with the planetary power.

No. Planetary kameas are impersonal energies and do not require any sort of relationship to work.

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I have tried Zanna Blaise, I like her stuff. I think because I have no understanding of the Aleph - Beit it does not work as well for me. Or something is going on.
They do not do the same sort of things that Blackthorne’s do. His look and feel like they work. You know, they move and the lines get bigger and smaller and the sigil does odd stuff while you gaze at it.
I have even been adding some of EA’s visualizations while I look at the sigils. He said to sort of trance out on it like you are looking at your girl/boy friend and sort of daydream/fantasize about what you want. It is a little different than what Blackthornes instructions say but I don’t think it hurts and it helps me feel emotion.

I have a hell of a time feeling emotion for the sigils.

Maybe this is why I cannot connect with the Shem ha Maphorsh, I am emotionally crippled.

Thanks for the information on planetary powers, I can create some pretty specific sigils if I want using that technique.

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