Books & Grimoires worth reading? - Ebooks?

Can anyone list some Ebooks worth reading?

I have a substantial collection thus far and I’m looking for more and more.

Gentle nudge towards the Rules for anyone thinking of linking to sites where copyrighted material is illegally pirated - we all know they exist but it’s not permitted on here.

I highly recommend you download Uncle Chuckies books on Psionics. They will skyrocket your structuring(visualization) and energy manipulation abilities. I recommend “Elementary Psionics” then “Psionic Magick”

They are all FREE to download



Meant only freely available books

Totally got that, I was just making sure no-one (esp. newer members) slipped up! :slight_smile:

Some other forums have a huge amount of pirated stuff…

There’s plenty of good information that is freely available,

I’m perfectly open to suggestions of books I can buy as well, I love collection books!

Not an e-book, but Sinister Yogis is a great read and takes down a lot of the rhp nonsense regarding Yogis.

Good - I have no interest in rhp bullshit like ‘karma’ and the like.

Recently, I have been hearing people talk about karma…

LOL. One girl says to me, you can’t touch me, karma will bite you in the ass… Remember, 10 fold!

I LAUGH. And say - Please, indicate to me where in the world this form of karmic retribution can be seen in effect? And she says ‘all over the world, just look!’ … To which I reply… Again, please show me where. The USA is still in power, innocent people are still starving to death all over the world… 1% of the population still owns 99% of the wealth… Need I go on?

Thank you.

Hello Lady Eva,

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Thank You :pray: