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Which books and video courses should I start with, from the Become a Living God site? Please and thank you.

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For what exactly?

Buck lands complete book of witchcraft.

Great primer for the beginner if you dismiss all the worship and submission aspects.

E.A. Koetting has some great offerings if you can afford it.

Remember that magick is mainly a personal journey, so any books or videos you watch are going to be anecdotal.

If you really want to learn magick, learn these three words first. FOCUS, WILL, INTENT.

Also, remember this phrase: To know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent.

Good luck and darkest blessings.

I meant to add Become a Living God website, so sorry.

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I was talking about from the Become a Living God website. I’m not a beginner. Thank you for your reply!

Ah, now I’m glad I held back a bit. Try downloading the Become Living God ebook.

I don’t fully follow everything he talks about, I mainly am here to learn from everyone else.

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I prefer the book Mastering Witchcraft over Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft. :slight_smile:

Cant argue there, I was going from a “I know nothing.” Perspective.

Thank you very much.

Dark Lilith Blessings to you.

I would recommend either EA’s Works of Darkness or Evoking Eternity.

I would recommend to start with “Mastering Black Magick : the left hand path” video course.

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

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