Books about Godform

I’m curious to learn more about Godform but i didnt find that much informations on BALG and i didnt find books about it on amazon neither Google…
Can someone advice me a book about Godform please?

Thank you :blush:


As far as I know, there are no specific books on personal “godforms,” as the concept that people on this forum connect to that word is not universally accepted, and seems to be something unique to BALG.

In the common literature, “godform” is the term used for the different pantheons of gods and goddesses. There is an exercise from The Golden Dawn known as “Assumption of the Godform” that is a sort of physical invocation, where you assume certain physical postures that call in the power of a particular god/goddess.


Thank you for your answer. I better understand now the lack of informations about it on internet.


@DarkestKnight beat me to it. I would add that the idea of a personal godform is a relatively new one and seems to be based on the (imo incorrect) idea that your godhood is somewhere “out there” floating around on the astral.


The personal godform as discussed on this forum seems to be a particular god/goddess with which your soul and/or Higher Self has a personal connection, as far as I understand it.

That’s why you will see people saying their godform is Azazel or Lucifer or Odin and so forth. It’s important to understand, though, that just because someone says their godform is some big name, doesn’t mean THEY are actually that big name. It just means they are spiritually connected to it in some way.

It can get confusing, so my advice, is just to ignore such ideas and concepts until they come up naturally in your spiritual journey, and they will come up, the more you explore your own personal cosmology and Self.


What is your point of view about Godform ? Im curious to know :blush:.

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Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: .

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You kind of opened up a can of worms here lol. What “Godform” means is one of those things where if you ask 5 people, you are likely to get 7 different answers.


Haha! Good to know! Im ready to read those answers :).
I was a little bit confused about what godforms are but i see it was justify :slight_smile: .

It really more gets into what ascent means to me. Your godhood is already inside you. Ascent is simply peeling back the layers, removing the blinders, and experiencing more of what you already are. If your godhood was external, you would be incapable of magick at any level. that’s how I see it.

I have noted that at least some have externalized their godhood into some form or another complete with a backstory. The idea then is to find the godform and merge with it. I have seen this practice result in some really unhinged behavior when carried to completion. Often it becomes a form of fantasy escapism for at least some.

There is an approach to godforms that I see as useful. Julius Evola in The Yoga of Power describes a practice where godforms are intentionally created and empowered.


There is this. And I can see this as potentially being useful. There is also the variant where someone claims to have a godform that is unique to them. This can also be potentially useful, but considering the direction it tends to be taken, it tends to not be. In this latter case I have never seen these mergings result in anything resembling ascent.


I guess i will have to experience that one day or another by myself :slight_smile:.
Is that a thing only on balg?
Thank you.