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Hails to all magicians and believers of black magic
In the 80s I have read a book called << Devils, demons and vampires >> I cannot remember the name of the author. In french; << Diables, Demons et vampires >> This was for its time an incredible read for me because the entire book was about demon names all listed for what they do on earth and their functions, attributes etc. I searched all over the web, I could not find it. Among named mentioned in this inspiring book is the demon called Lucifiuge Rofocale which I consider the best demon to work with, since he knows lots of human values we hold dear. A more human kind of demon if you will. It is my opinion. Anyway If someone out there can find the book please msg me. Thanks! I wish to work with Lucifuge, I always felt attracted to this being.

Update; On the cover, there is a big skull with horns. Siegfried is the author, I have searched a little now and on amazon seems it could be the book but with no covers. or at least covers do not correspond to the thing I remembered.

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Devils, Demons and Witchcraft Year :1971

Is this?

Possibly that one. Not sure.

This is?

Well, It is possible, but the title were 3 main words; devils, demons and vampires. those 3 key words I still remember, but after some reprints, it is possible they changed the title I guess Is possible.

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I told this book about had a name Devils, Demons and Witchcraft :flushed:

When I held that book in my hand, I felt good, I felt I accepted a gift from the demons etc, they sent me towards this book. lots of message in that book. the feeling of having this in my possession felt very special, cannot be described. chosen maybe. felt chosen and part of a special breed.

I am sure the title is close, but that is not it. I do remember the original cover though, a set of 2 candles + a skull with horns …title was in french

The word witchcraft was not in the title. That I remember

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Yep. Seen those and thats not it

What’s the full name of author?

Well, Like I mentionned on my post above, I do not remember the author’s name. I just remember the original cover. I am still surprised I havent found it yet, amazon and the web in general, we always for sure can retrace original titles and covers for books even 90 years old. I am surprised. Anyway the book is either fro the 70’S or 80’S. with the descriptive cover art I have spoken about. on the cover; candles, skull with horns and the title is in french ‘’'diables, démons et vampires and the book is about 275 pages long.

Sigfried Tauber

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I guess the book was never translated to english.
And the original copies are not available online but you can find them in few physical libraries

That is probable the case indeed. :thinking:

3 libraries in canada have the physical copies of the book .

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Wow. how did you find that? can you send me the links you found?

1 Likeémons_et_vampires/6tNTNAEACAAJ?hl=en&kptab=getbook
Tap the search in worldcat option and set your location to usa for all the results

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Thank you, I will try to find a link where I can see the cover of the book. Dead curious,