Book on lost phone magick

Hi, have anyone try tis book yet,? On lost phone magick.

I can’t find the book your talking about, maybe you can help me out with some more information, like who wrote it? :slight_smile:

I tried googling lost phone magic, got a bunch of bullshit services and then tried adding book to the search and just got a bunch of books which seem to be unrelated.

-lost phone magic book - Google Search

Hello,it’s in Amazon Kindle by Raymundo Rodriguez lost phone magick,it’s have 7 rituals/ spells,I was wondering if anyone has a review,

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I found it, and it’s cheap so I’ll bite and supposedly only six pages so I’ll you know if it’s worth the $4 in a little while?

Lost Phone Magick

Actually that was pretty easy, it’s a seven page book with three spells for finding your physically lost phone.

The first deals with petitioning a Saint. The second is a spell for your phone is stolen, and could be adapted for use regardless of knowing or not who stole it- but seems like it would work best if you were pretty certain it was stolen.

The third appears to be a spell written in Spanish, the translation is given.

There is nothing else in the book. The author gives no background information on themselves and nothing to easily research his work with, other than this or that is popular in some areas.

I have no doubt it would work with the right intent, but there is nothing to aid a beginner, or explain why these methods were chosen over others, and no general information to discern their origin other than the authors friend/some locations thing.

I see nothing to even discern from if the author is a person who should know what they are talking about.

I think you could probably adapt something from hoodoo that would work as well and not cost $3.99. You wouldn’t need a book to put this information together for you if you had the information the book is lacking, you would know how to use it for this application pretty innately.

I’d save your cash personally and hit up google for lost item hoodoo spells.

I gave it three stars with the same review on Amazon/good reads.

Edit: oh and the cover page is formatted wrong. Caused some confusion because I thought my phone was refusing to turn it upright.

2nd edit: This author could build a workable book for this from what’s here, without it being stupid complicated but as is- they stand to see more book returns than sales imop, as it’s not really written for the target market and like I said if you know the missing stuff, you don’t need it.

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Hi.maybe different country,I got 7 spells,same book,the saint,the knot,and the boiling my book is 12 pages, Amazon mexico,

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Yeah maybe they didn’t include the other four in this version or something by mistake, but it’s unfortunately definitely only 3 spells- I tried to swipe past the leave us a review page, and there just wasn’t anything else. :woman_shrugging:

It should work if it is what you need, and you put your energy and intent into those spells.

Ok my review,the first is a classic saint of hoodoo.american traditional ,I guess witchcraft? The second is a black magick spell cord, the 3 is a saying to petition to a famous person. The 4 is chaos magick drawing,4/5 is boiling,/ burn paper,similar, 6 is a pray you create,do it yourself,kind were I guess you choice the punishment,and the 7 put a drawing whit a seal curse.its7 spells Amazon mexico.i saw differences in ebooks from Italia,France USA and Mexico,Canada,were you just tipe a address,and get you ebook,or long versions.i give it a 4 stars. My is 12 mexico.i guess it works

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That’s so kind from you !

@zorrito are you Belphguy from the old Wizard forum ?

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