Book on Divination?

Does Mr. Koetting have a book on divination? Questing after Visions?

Questing After Visions is not about divination per se. For example, It does not talk about pendulums or tarot, or omens, and the like. It’s main focus is prophecy and vision, so it covers lucid dreaming, scrying, chakras, astral travel, drugs, the Abramelin Operation. and direct spiritual revelation.

EA does not have a book that only deals with divination. For that, I would recommend looking into his Mastering Divination course.

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I’m currently studying it now. It’s got good stuff. I was just curious if he had a book about it. :slight_smile: I’m on section 4 and i’m trash with the Ideometer effect but thankfully i’m not the only one seeing as how he doesn’t put too much stock in it.

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