Book of Smokeless Fire

I wanted to ask if anyone here has worked with that book. If so what results did you get?

Hope you’ll get some replies, in the meantime, a search on this forum for smokeless turned up a few results.

Ty as always Milady~

Thanks for making this thread. I’ve had the same question. Have the book, use the circles triangles, and use the opening that involves Yog -Sothoth to great effect. Certainly amplifies what I was doing.

Has anyone worked with any of the Djinn ? I admittedly haven’t but am curious to hear from those of u who have…or rather “knows someone” who has

Well, I revisited the book for a couple of times, I didnt have anything great as an experience. They missed the targets several times, the sigils of the Djinn indeed emanate a certain kind of power but other than that for me the experience was mediocre. The book that I had success with tho after tweaking the techniques a bit was Nineveh Sadrach’s (Magic That Works).