Book of Necromancy


It has been a bit sense I read the book but from what I remember it is someone in your family. But if you read the post I added in that explains what the dreams told me about what would happen. So I am not sure.


“In that case, it could be extraordinarily dangerous for you to traverse amongst those Disincarnate who do not know you, can see you, smell your blood, and are resentful of your living status. They may take your life in hope that doing so will restore their life status.”


No no I do not work with her yet, in the future I will work whit a lot of entities but I need to study. I love study the ancient language but Im just beghinning. If you want to do this you need a lot of practice and study of the intonation, language and (If you want, it’s not obligatory) the culture related whit the spirit/deities. It’s very helpfull for the future practice.


O.O’ ;~; Holy shit that is intense. This brings up the question What happens when your life status is gone do you as a whole die and they get your body?


Thank you for the advice it is very interesting I will keep that in mind. The book as well a Kurtis Joseph mentions that kundalini yoga and the chakra meditation should help it build a connection with the Div.


Yes, it’s very helpful


Thanks for the reassurance man. :slight_smile: Thank the old gods that we have the internet and youtube with out them I think this would be harder to find information on.


i just finished reading dante’s necromacy book. Its good, not really what i was expecting

now i want to get the arcane book so bad but lol $40 for an ebook


Yup, crazy uh?


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Downloading the pdf is surely illegal, just saying.


It is. If it’s not from the BALG site it’s illegal.
(edit) Not judging just say.


Was going to recommend this one :slight_smile:

Got to say this but


You can check out The Mighty Dead


yooo I just got the book and read it, I can vouch Gospel of The Ghouls is a really good book for Necromacy, just thought I would update yall :+1:

im getting saturn rising and into the void by J.T. KIRKBRIDE hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks


Hello, got the Saturn Rising and Into the Void books? Care to share your experience working with them? I’m planning to buy Saturn Rising.


Ya i got both of them
Saturn Rising covers the basic of saturn stuff in general but legit in depth with many scientific explanation, how to evoke etc, but does not have an actual rites in it
Into The Void has this 2 weeks ritual + initiation rites that I can attest is working greatly of you want to work with Saturn/Chronos


I also got that Underworld/Necromancy book from Theoin Publishing. If anyone want info on them just lmk.


Great, thanks. Then I probably order them both at once to save shipping costs.


VERY GOOD BOOK. the first few pages offers so much


mommy tattersail uwu