Book of Azazel

I have been reading the book of Azazel. I am halfway through chapter 3. I also watched an interview by Koetting about the left hand path and mental illness last night as I walked home from a friend and fellow magicians house.

This has all had me reflecting on my own life. Seeing similarities between my life and the life of these magicians I am learning from and reading about. How my entire life, much as I’m sure most magicians have and do experience, there has been a draw towards black magick. Even before I was angsty enough to rebel… I have wanted this.

The more I read about the left hand path, the more I hear Tyler Durden proclaiming: “This is your life. Good to the last drop. This is your life and it’s ending one minute atva time.”

Thus at this point, I am drawn to that independence and freedom of mind, body and spirit. It has me really thinking about what the left hand path means to me. Amidst my thoughts last night somethings simple occurred to me.

Why not surrender fully to the darkness. Either a. I’ll gain great power and knowledge for immense pain… Or I’ll be wiped out of existence and won’t be around to care, torn asunder by horrifying entities or burnt into nothing by the cleansing flames of hellfire.

Perhaps that’s the point. The true key to non-attachment. To throw yourself head first into the abyss and let it take you without knowing the outcome.