Book of Azazel - strange experience

I bought BoA very recently and I’ve read it all. I intend to work with some of the spirits listed in it at some point. However, while I was reading the book, I became aware of something behind me. I looked and perceived what looked like a massive black head with horns, it looked like a ram’s head. It was just suspended in mid-air and looking at me. I realise that by reading the book, I probably opened the door to Azazel.

Then I was thinking about my sense of worthiness, and wondered what I could do to fix the problem. And I heard a voice say that he can help me with that. I perceived a well dressed man wearing a tuxedo or a black suit, very well groomed, well-spoken, etc.

There was a presence in the room, it was a new one. I felt wary since it was a new presence, and I asked for a name. I was given this name (it was spelled out to me): Azebuzel. I think I got the spelling right. I Googled it, searched this forum, etc. I’ve never heard of this name and search turned up 0 results. Have any of you heard of this name?

Then a while later, I went into my bedroom to give an offering to some spirits who protect me. The top of my chest of drawers doubles up as a makeshift altar. And I’d had an accident there with a candle that caught fire when the wax overheated, so there is some mess where it exploded and splattered stuff on the wall. So I was sitting there wondering if it would wash off, when I HEARD a demonic chuckle behind me. It wasn’t quite a physical sound, but it was almost. As if the demon was VERY close to the physical plane.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Today, I was assured by my spirits that Azazel is indeed okay to work with, that I’d be okay with him.

I performed two Goetic evocations and 7 angelic evocations to help with a separate problem, and during the first Goetic evocation, it was weird, it felt like there was something there helping me in a way I’m not used to, and it felt like this being was trying to teach me how to improve my technique, etc - guiding me in a hands-on way. I wonder if that was Azazel or one of his demons? I felt more power/energy during that particular evocation.


It’s possible as you connect both psychologically and energetically with azazel and his legions as you dig into the text but it is always a good idea to do a divination or have one done regarding the nature ofnthat spirit. Never heard of it before but that doesn’t mean much as the spirits named in BoA do not make up the whole of his forces but a little caution can save ya alot of headaches later.


Meh I wasn’t sure if I should post but I was told to share. The info I got Is that the name is Azebuzel, Arzebuzel or Arzebusel, fire element, malicious but won’t hurt you and in the question if he want to teach you something the answer was “probably”. And his under Azazel.


I can see as to what you’re talking about. When I first read the Book of Azazel I too felt like he was speaking to me. As if the words themselves were being told to me and not E.A. It led to a life change and made me understand some things that I never really thought of before.


Thank you. :slight_smile: It’s good info to know. I’m glad you told me. I did sense it was a malicious spirit and that would have contributed to my wariness. But now I know what it is, I’m open to learning what it’s able to teach me.


No problem! Do a reading of course if you can, always helps!

@Anassa I don’t, I usually go to others for that. But I agree, it can be very helpful. :slight_smile:

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