Book of azazel and its rituals and nether beings

Truly after i agreed to my pact of possesion with azazel i have been taught a lot in just 1 day. Abandoning hope accepting damnation renouncing the very demons that helped me over the years (this is a part of abandoning hope alltogether) i have found truth in this clarity and for this im thankful. I have summoned dra’talon for him to take care of my enemies and my bitching has stopped indeed i understand more now that im possesed by azazel then i ever have the revelations of abandoning hope has applications far beyond just its face vaule of words. Azazel has taught me alot and for that i am liberated and thankful. 1st baneful evocation in over 15 years was tonight and i have no regrets. I understand the inner vision portion of evocation although i knew it before i forgot due to my ego of thinking i knew it all my path with azazel has just started and the demon fiend has done nothing but guide me.


Hail to the King.