Body and Soul offering

First, why do you want this and what do you hope to gain, what do you view offering your body and soul means?

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To give has always been my nature…
I want to offer something very precious, which is my soul and body to some entity, so through me they could feel the humanly world, all I want is just the experience nothing else.

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Why soul then? Just offer body


What is with this possess me bullshit these days?

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If you have that kind of idea then you don’t need to give any of those, you can easily find a path and devote yourself to that path and entity involved in that path, like people who devote themselves to Lucifer or the Loa, no need to give your body and soul.

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@anon84896414 hmm

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@Sovereign it’s not about possession …
It’s about the experience … it’s not bullshit

@anon48079295 so what do you recommend me …
Can you help me in finding the true path …
I feel I’m lost and need proper guidance …

Well what is it you want to do? what is your goal? have you took a moment to do some self reflection on what you want out of this? what your ideals are? that will help you find your true path.

Find the path for yourself, Or have spirits guide you in path if you want

I want to empower people around me …
the people you always see being bullied and discriminated … my goal is to reach a state of utopia within myself and radiate it around me …
Angel Gabriel … elements water and fire …


Any ritual to call upon the spirts for guidance ??

If you want the experience then invoke a spirit , fill your aura with the energies you desire on a constant basis and you will attract and radiate those energies. There a tutorials on invoking on this forum, use the search bar and practice meditation.

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Then yes, you can either do this yourself, or work with specific angels for this, working with entities is optional, you don’t have to do what everyone else does and rely on entities to achieve something. However, they might be able to help.

Archangel Ariel, angel of protection and healing

Archangel Chamuel, angel of compassion for one’s self and others around them

Archangel Gabriel, she/he aids in personal strength and growth

Archange Haniel, angel of self empowerment of practitioners

Archangel Jophiel, he who helps those who feel insecure in themselves to realize their self worth

Archangel Raphiel, he heals those who need it, an healer of emotional, spiritual, and so forth.

Archangel Zadkiel, he who helps those to forgive one another and themselves, the angel of the violet flame of transmutation.

Tis a powerful flame indeed.

Thanks I will look for the invocation of the spirit in the forum

I’m want to get in touch with the below quoted Archangels how can I achieve this . What communication would be the best for this type celestial pure connection without it being doped by another disguised evil soul.

Try a petition spell to these two angels, I can understand wanting to avoid mimics and fakes:

I want to infuse the four elements during the petition.
And I want to use a purification spell before entering to petition,To cleanse the impure auras around. What could help in identification of mimic spirits. Could you help me in finding a proper way.

Well usually knowing how to scan, but a petition spell imo is a bit more “direct” in the sense it’s not the same as using a public sigil that’s been exposed to many different things.