Boar's head skull

I have a wild boar’s head skull. Any suggestions on what I can do with it? Ive had it for a while but just haven’t picked up on what to use it for. Unlike the cat skull , I knew right away what to do.

Any suggestions?


How about necromancy?
You could tap into the energy of the boar and fill it back in to the skull

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Defense or offense depending if it was wild or not. To protect you or your house, car, etc…

It can also be used as a link for other spirits that you are close to.

Push come to shove grind a little into power and use it for Baneful workings.

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It was wild. My ex husband hunts wild boar. I talked him out of it.

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Girl! You could kick some major ass with that thing!!!

Have fun.


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Call the spirit and give it a name. Bind it’s essence back to the skull.

Use a triangle base to keep it restrained until you gain further control over it.

Burn the name of the person along with Fetish items if you have it on a candle. You can use it in a jar spell, or command it to do a goal.

Feed it light (candle), and then give it water, and other foods upon completion of its tasks. Make sure to give it a time frame when giving it a command.


Awesome thank you :slight_smile:

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