BOA and strange dreams

As I was waiting for my Complete Works to arrive I had planned to work in the progression of E.A.'s books. As soon as it arrived I felt immediately drawn to the BOA to the point of it being the only part I’ve taken the time to really read, as I began reading it I have been having dreams of a “darkness” surrounding me, not sinister and not what I would call evil or scary but more like a calm and calculated power. It feels like it is pushing or guiding me towards something, what I do not know but I do not fear it (at least not yet lol).

I remember the first dream felt like I had made an alliance I was unaware of having agreed to, as if I was finding out I had made it subconciously or by accident. When I found out I made no attempt to get out of it or say it was a mistake. I can’t remember much of the details but that was the main point of the first dream.

The second dream felt like I was being guided some where, I couldn’t see the destination and had no clue where I was going and didn’t seem to mind. There was a darkness in front of me and it was like I was being pulled into it or pulled by it.

I just woke up from the newest dream and I especially remember the Gateways clearly. One of them was like an ancient wilderness with massive trees. Another had massive towers of stone with an orange sky. I was not told these were the Gateways but felt or just knew it. I saw no entities or felt any presence other than the dark powerful guide that accompanied me from the first dream.

Thought I’d share and see if anyone else has had similar experiences or dreams after receiving the Complete Works or once they started reading the BOA.

I had an extremely vivid dream the night after my first, and so far only, evocation of Ant’harratu from the BoA.

I was in a very dark place and there was this very tall, cloaked and hooded spirit standing at my right, looking down at me. All around there were hundreds of cloaked smaller beings, flying on wings of red flames and screaming loudly.

It was a bit unsettling but I didn’t feel threatened. I can’t recall having other dreams afterwards. As my astral senses are lousy and during the evocation I couldn’t feel/see/sense his presence, I consider the dream as proof that contact was made. It remains to be seen If he will actually carry out the task I asked him,