Blue moon curses

I know, i know. Cursing is not the only way and i can use the energy and time to empower myself rather than destroy part of a problem that will constantly arise. But i hold gruge and at this point it’s about my sadistic satisfaction to see somebody i once called “friend” in the grave hopefully.Worth mentioning: The guy is not magickally oblivious. He is a practitioner too so it’s not like attacking “innocent and defenseless puppies” or anything like that. I intend to use the special moon tomorrow to give potency to the curse, my tought for now is to evoke Eldarath maybe and ask her to curse that old pal of mine, but i was wondering, how would you make use of such a strong phenomenon in order to improove a curse? And your cursing method if you’re willing to share.


I will not be using this fool moon for cursing but for something else

Anyways, if i was cursing someone: here are my steps :-

  1. During the DAY, go out into the sun and close your eyes while looking at the sun.

  2. You don’t have to reach theta but just try to visualize the sun’s massive energy completely energizing your aura, activating your chakras and oversupplying your body with energy. Try to FEEL the energy. Do these for atleast 10 minutes.

  3. Throughout the day, you have to COMPLETELY CONVINCE YOURSELF that the person DESERVES to die. If you don’t believe that the person deserves to die, this might not work. Lie if you have to, make up fake things that he/she supposedly did but do convince yourself.

  4. During the night, grab a seat under the moon. This process is going to take atleast 1-2 hours. You will need a picture of the person. If you have any fetish items to establish a link to the person, that’s great. But if not just bring a black and white picture.

Now the real process begins.

  1. Firstly sit quietly, meditate and try to reach theta. Once you reach theta visualize yourself brutally murdering, stabbing and killing the person. Do not have mercy. Completely destroy him her. Use axe, hammer, nails, sword or whatever makes you comfortable. See yourself repetealy hitting the target for atleast 20 minutes and finally deliver the killing blow that kills the target. The fetish link and picture is there to convince yourself that you are indeed doing this to the person and not someone else. DO NOT FEEL REMORSE because the target deserves to die. Feel the happiness/satisfaction as your target is dead.

  2. Calm yourself and try to regain focus. Re-enter theta. Look at the picture of the target near you. Try to enter the picture. You have to visualize yourself becoming the target. Enter inside the picture in your mind and convince yourself that you are the target. Convince yourself that you are him/her. Now see your(‘you’ here is your target since you are inside him) energy draining until you have no energy left. See yourself getting horrible diseases and felling horrible and uncomfortable. Remember you are NOT you here but your target. Feel yourself dying until you can no longer do it. Do it for 30-40 minutes intensely.

  3. Now you are back in your body. Pull energy from the fool moon to completely cleanse your energy, your aura and your chakras. You should be cleansed after 10 minutes of doing this.

  4. If you are good at evoking, you might evoke Dra’Talon in this step to completely annihilate your target from the physical plane.


Thanks a lot for the advice pal. Do you think Drak’thalon would do this for me at our first meeting?

How does it work if you fire at someone that is protected?

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