Blue Jays on my head

I’ve had 4 dreams in my adult life that I believe were something different. They were random, unexpected, seemingly extra-psychological. It’s like, one can feel when a dream rises from within, and one can feel when it comes to you. I had one last night that and I would love to hear others’ thoughts on it.

The dream itself is very simple. I dreamt I was either in a tree, high up on a branch, or the tree trunk itself, gazing out into the branches. I was visited by pairs of birds - the same species, a male and female. They’d fly to me, flapping their wings rapidly as they approached. They’d look at me and some pairs would take something, then they’d fly away. The pair that stuck out to me the most was the blue jays. In my waking life, I never see blue jays, ever, and I never really think about them. But here they were, brilliantly blue, flapping wings intensely. Because I never see them, I was a bit shocked they were here in front of me, but there wasn’t much more to it. (When I have these odd types of dreams, they’re anticlimactic). Well, this morning, I’m sitting outside at my friend’s house. We’re just chatting, and all of a sudden, a blue jay swoops by. My jaw DROPPED. The bird flies by again, then retreats. I couldn’t believe it.

curious about others’ experiences with these types of dreams, and/or this type of creature :blush: