Bloody lockdown - hindering my work!

Anyone else finding the lockdown is really hindering magick process?

With an ignorant partner, i need to keep this all under wraps, not lies, but privacy.

Even writing on this forum Im having to check the coast is clear, let alone start a ritual

I went to begin a ritual after the family went out for a walk, but it took so long to get my thoughts, energy and purpose together, as soon as i went to open the ritual the front door goes and everyone bursts back in the house

Driving me mad! Anyone else?


It isn’t hindering my work, but I have to change direction. I would prefer the lockdown to be over even though overall I am benefiting from it, at the moment. I am in a suburban to rural area of the US so it really isn’t enforced except for the fact that I can only get a haircut on the black market, because curves.

Do you live in an area where practicing outside is possible? If so, then definitely practice in nature.

Break up with them , u can’t live life with someone that doesn’t respect what you do , ur just tolerating the person at that point

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not really, im in a town… i could go out int he car randomly, but were in lockdown… that and id have no idea where i could go undisturbed without passers by, dog walkers, etc.

normally, they are at work, so i get free time to do it when I work from home… but right now, kids are hanging around (they never go out even on weekends!) or the missus is asking for help (bored doing DIY… but cant do it alone).

Literally no peace…

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That sounds really hard, I’m sorry to hear your going through that with your family. I personally do not find that the lockdown hindered my work, but I live alone so I do not have the problems that come with family members having a lack of understanding. I actually found the lockdown gave me time to focus on some inner spiritual work I needed to perform on myself.

I really hope the situation improves for you soon.

My sympathies!

Do you have any loft space or a shed?

My dilemma is that i want to do a baneful work but not sure how to bury or dispose of poppet. Because there’s not many people out and about, I don’t really want to draw attention looking for a crossroads at midnight or such.

shes just taken the dog out for a walk, should give me half hour time and the lad is doing school work in his room.

Might have to whisper or shout in my mind intead for now, same effect…

I guess the surprise front door going mid ritual will be a pain

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