Bloodpact with Lucifuge

Within an original bloodpact with Satan over 10 + years ago- for artistic abilities with the paintbrush and oil on canvas, and Sculpture I am within a separate bloodpact with Lucifuge to get my 20 pieces of Neoclassical & Surrealism artwork to be at this artshow in Dec 2019, have done immense amounts of painting as well as continual evocations of Lucifuge through a darkened Hells Mirror.
These paintings are lifesize, of many greek Myths painted on canvas like the Neoclassical Masters. will Update on the continued working with Lucifuge’ pact which I started about 5 years ago. Will upload some pictures at some point They are not for sale, Lucifuge simply tells me “They are your contribution to our Great Work.”
Salve Lucifer
Latrixbel .