so hypothetically I’m going to be donating blood today (which I am) could I say control the person that gets itI’m not going to (probably XD) just wondering if it was possible tbh just popped into my head

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i dont think so tbh

Meh just wondering

hmmm, I think it’s possible. I’m sure this would require lots effort and careful planning.

@anon68160656 what are your thoughts on this?

Check this out Rise if you haven’t already


Huh that was actually pretty interesting and it answered a few questions I was wondering a few days ago


You can email me if you have questions, @RiseorDie.

As for your question, that’s more manipulation of circumstance than blood itself. However, the answer is yes.

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is that dangerous? A little of us in someone else. Blood no less, I don’t know about you but for whatever reson it seems like a bad idea, ma beyond that’s just because I watch too many TV shows were you need DNA of your vic to hurt them magickly.

It’s a little bit dangerous but at the same time the magical population is so low I doubt whoever gets it can do anything with it also I like to think I’m saving their life so if the do anything in reverse then they would be major ungrateful cunts

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