Blood use in money magick

Hay guys truth here with a question about using your blood in money magick. The reason why im asking is because im about to use henry archers money sigil from his book and i wanted to get some insite into this. I know that using your blood and sexual fluids with almost any fluids will give it a boost. And henry archer did say not to bury the sigil where the dead are buried because, (and this is just my thinking) the sigil is linked to you would be linking death energy to yourself.

Yeah don’t do it. Using your own blood is kind of intimate to be just manifesting some cash. Use the blood of an animal or something.


Why don’t you do the Sigil on a dollar bill or something and carry it in your wallet if it’s something short term. You can always burn it after.

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No. Do not use blood in money magick.

I think people, especially beginners, are way to eager to shed blood, thinking it’s going to boost everything regardless of spell, and that just isn’t the case. You could, in fact, end up offending the spirits in question (I have the Archer book, and Ritual 5 is a variation of common folk magick that uses earth spirits, as the author explains).

Why do you feel the need to add blood and/or semen?


It was just a thought, before i did anything stupid

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As an experienced necromancer whom has also used blood in certain rituals with certain spirits that I have safely worked with for years; I honestly wouldn’t recommend doing so for a basic money spell.

Why? Because if it backfires? You could be harmed in multiple ways. Also you need far more experience when working with the dead imho. The dead are to be respected and usually most don’t reward greed.

Even if you see your need for money as essential some spirits often see things differently from their perspective.

Always have knowledge, practice and gnosis within you first before working with the dead and your own blood first.

Really think about it any time that you shed your own blood. Is your sacrifice worth it and will it be accepted and used the way that you want it to be?

Just be careful with any blood ritual as I’ve seen people whom have had their fingers burnt by it, so to speak. Take Care ok!

Good luck with your money Magick!